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Start Leveraging Your Single Best Asset In Real Estate


In a recent Real Trends study it was found that 69% of buyers and sellers found their agent from a "trusted referral." Smart agents don't buy leads they create leads. 

When you reflect on where your sales came from last year in most cases the vast majority will have come from someone that you already knew or someone that was referred to you. Yet in real estate we spend thousands on marketing, branding, and on-line lead generation chasing potential clients we have never met or may never meet. 

Savvy agents understand that their database is a core asset, in fact, it's their single best asset. They manage, cultivate, and incubate their database with an intentional contact plan and then fully immerse themselves into turning their database into a referral machine. 

Watch this full live class focused on building your sphere of influence and start leveraging your single best asset in real estate. (Don't miss how to add 22 transactions a year to your bottom line!) 

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About Jim Remley:

Jim Remley is a nationally recognized expert in the field of residential real estate. Entering the real estate industry at the age of 19 he began an unlikely rise from college drop out to real estate Rock Star by becoming ranked in the top 1% of REALTORS® nationwide. Implementing game-changing strategies and deploying the latest technology advances Jim shattered sales records by listing over 150 properties in one twelve month period. At 24 he opened his first Real Estate Company and grew the company to 17 offices becoming the largest independent real estate company in the State of Oregon.

Today Jim leads one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Oregon with over $800 million dollars in sales volume a year with just over 160 active Brokers. As a consultant, author, speaker, and trainer Jim has one mission – to create abundance through simplicity of action. In 2018 Jim launched an On-Demand Video Coaching platform designed for REALTORS to tap into highly focused information and actionable ideas based on thousands of interviews with top producers from across the country. 



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