5 Digital Tools Buyers Demand Their Agents Use


What are the five digital tools that buyers want most from us as real estate professionals?

I'm gonna give 'em to you right now:

1. A 3D virtual tour of the homes they're looking at online

There's an interesting study recently by NAR that shows that the average buyer today looks at eight homes over eight weeks before they make a buying decision. But of the eight homes, they look at three of them virtually. And in their minds, they consider that to be that they've seen the house. So three virtual showings kind of crazy, right? I'm gonna talk about virtual showings a little bit more in just a second.

But in order to do that virtual showing, if I'm the listing agent, what do I need to have? I need to do that Matterport tour. I need to do that similar or tour in some form or fashion so people can really feel like they came through the house.

2. A digital floor plan

If you're selling new construction especially. Give them that floor plan. Some people call that that doll house view can be really powerful as well.

3. Email notifications

They want emailed when new listings hit the market. Of course, a lot of brokerages have moved up to instant text notification, which can take you to the next level.

4. Video tour with an agent

Now, if I'm representing a buyer because of that stat I just mentioned a minute ago. Here's what we should be offering to every buyer: "Hey, would you like it if I gave you video tour of homes? This is can be super important in a super hyper-competitive market like we're in, because sometimes I can get into a house when you can't. And I'm happy to do a live FaceTime with you and walk you through that house virtually so that we can then maybe write an offer before other buyers get to it. Or you can just see it and eliminate it from consideration. Would you like me to do that for you? Would you like that to be my part of my services for you?"

Most people are gonna say yes. I would say yes because I'm a busy person and most of us in the world are today, right? That's an important consideration.

5. The ability to unlock a house with their phone

This is what people are requesting. Fifth most requested thing.

Now you might not see that in your market yet, but this is coming and it's coming like a freight train. You can think of it almost kind of Airbnb-ish. And what this means is that people will be able to put into a system their information and they'll have to do copy of their driver's license. Be very detailed, not just any schmo can do this. They may have to do several steps in order to qualify, maybe you even put a credit card on file for any damages. But they go through a process, a qualifying process. They put their contact information into the system. They verify who they are. And then when they see a house that they like, if it has self tour available, they can say, "Hey, I'm I want to see this house." They can walk up to the lockbox, get a code. And the key will pop out. They can show the house them to themselves.

Now would this work in a house that is occupied? Probably not yet, but believe me, there's gonna be a time when even occupied sellers will allow this. Right now, it's pretty much new construction and vacant houses where people are more comfortable cause there's no possessions to be stolen or anything like that. But the qualification process honestly, is probably gonna be better than what most agents are doing with qualification. Because literally you can require credit report. You can require all kinds of things in this qualification process.

So watch for this coming. Actually, now that people have cameras in their house and they feel more and more comfortable, more in charge.

So those are the five things that people are looking for most. Are you giving this level of service? Could you upgrade my services? You probably can.

Have a great day and good selling.

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