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3 Ways to Prepare for The Onslaught of Listings Coming This Year


There's a question that we've had for a while now, which is: When are listing is going to come back in full force?

When can we have that expectation that we're going to start to see listings en masse start to come back to the marketplace?

We know there's been hesitancy because of COVID, but now that people are getting vaccines and the economy is strong. So when are we going to start to see people coming back and saying, Hey, I'm ready to make a sale. I'm ready to make a change.

There's an answer for us.

Zillow just did an extensive study talking to industry experts across the country. And the consensus is that it's going to be in the second half of 2021.

So we're coming right up onto that pretty soon here. And we're going to be right in the middle of 2021, which means we're going to start to see an acceleration of listings.

The question is: Are you ready for it? Are you out there lead generating to start stacking up that business now?

So here are three quick strategies to help you to do that:

1. Get your listing presentation dialed in.

Your listing presentation needs to be visually stunning and walk people through your marketing plan and the process of selling in your market. Super important.

One question I have for all my students is: How much have you practiced your listing presentation? You should be practicing it several hours a month. That means you're scheduling it. It's the apex point of all the marketing that you do. Every single thing you do is to get to a point to be in front of somebody to present your services.

Why wouldn't you be practicing that presentation? So that's one thing you can be doing to get ready for this surge of listings.

2. You've got to be communicating to our database.

You gotta be out there and be positioning yourself as somebody that is the preeminent expert in the real estate market. And be ready to help them when they need the help.

So that means you need to have a matrix of contacts with your Sphere of Influence. 80% of your business is going to come from your sphere. It's the engine of our business. It's not about direct business, it's about everybody behind each person in your sphere.

Of those 300 people in your sphere, statistically 30 of those people are going to be moving.

The question is: Are you going to get the referrals to help them to move? So that means communication. 20 to 50 contacts a year is the minimum that you need to be doing now with your Sphere of Influence.

3. You need to make sure that you are the expert when it comes to knowing the numbers in your market and you're communicating those numbers.

So if you're going to be the preeminent expert, you got to know our numbers cold.

If I was going to quiz you right now, and I was going to say, okay, in your market, I want you to tell me

* What's the average appreciation rate from last year to today?

* What's the difference between list price and sales price in your market?

* What's the average sales price in your market?

* What's the average list price in your market?

Do you know those numbers cold? If you don't know those numbers cold, then you're not the expert — someone else is. You want to be the smartest person in every room when it comes to real estate. That means you become a student of your profession, you dive deep, and you understand the market numbers and you speak to that in as many platforms as possible.

You're talking about it on social media. You're putting out emails every week to your database. You're doing a physical pieces of mail, maybe a newsletter through or Constant Contact that's going out to your database where you're highlighting all this great information that you're aware of. And you're talking about the market like an expert because you are the expert in the room.

So those are some ways to get ready for this massive surge that's coming right at us, full steam ahead.

What's coming straight at us and we don't want to miss the window. We don't want to miss the opportunity because this is going to be when you are really going to shine.

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