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3 Simple Strategies To Find Listings This Week


Are you looking for more ways to find listings? I'm going to give you three more strategies right now.

Over at erealestatecoach, we've got hundreds of strategies over there. Lots of classes, lots of free material over there to check out. And we'll give you two weeks of free coaching. But today let me give you just three quick strategies:

1. Checking out the garage sales and estate sales that are coming up in the spring market

This is where people are downsizing all their stuff. They're doing the spring cleaning and they're deciding to get rid of a few things. But there could be an opportunity for you to reach out and make contact. Now, what would be the script? I'm going to give you those scripts right down below, but you could use this as a mailer, a postcard, an email, or just a direct approach either in person or over the phone.

So you might say:

"Hey as a local REALTOR, I noticed you had a recent garage sale. I hope it went super successful. Quick question: Are you considering a housing change? Because many people who conduct a sale are preparing to relocate — which is why I stopped by today. Also, my office has several buyers that are interested in this neighborhood. So if you'd consider an offer on your home, I'd love to chat at your earliest convenience. Probably not today, but whenever is convenient for you."

Now, you want to leave your card because you're just planting a seed so you can incubate these people later. But a lot of people who start to sell stuff in the spring are planning to relocate at some point.

2. "Dog-Eared" Properties

What's a "dog-eared" property? We've all seen "dog-ear" books — or a book that's been torn through with pages folded. And that's what a "dog-eared" property is.

In your local community, there are probably city and county ordinances against allowing a home to become in bad disrepair. And when people violate that, they get fined.

These are often public records that are searchable on your county or city website. Imagine harvesting everyone who is in a zoning violation or ordinance violation every week or every month. And then mailing or calling those folks and saying:

"Hey, in doing some research with the county this week, I've recently found that this county requested you do some work on your property. I have another solution that I think could be easier. Why not sell your property? My office has several cash investors in search for properties just like yours. Would you be open to an offer from a cash buyer?"

This is a great script because there will be some people who just want to check out that don't want to do the work. And you can find some real opportunities for your investors in your market.

3. Pending listings

And they don't have to be yours by the way. Imagine you'd look at your hot sheet every morning and identify areas of the market you want to specialize in or want more listings in.

You call the listing agent who has a pending and you say:

"Hey, I saw you had a pending this morning. Congratulations. Hey, I'm going to be doing some marketing in the next couple of days. I just wondered how many offers did you receive on that property? Just curious."

They'll say, ah, we did, we had 10, we had 12. We had 13.

Now you can do some circle marketing around each of those pending listings. Imagine doing 20 calls around each pending listing in your market every day.

You could ramp up your production rapidly, and it's going to be a trigger event. Now we know that listed information is public record. I can go on to Zillow and find that. I know sold information is public record.

The mystery is in the pending.

Nobody knows when listing necessarily goes pending and nobody really knows how many offers came in behind that? That's all just behind the scenes.

So you know some information that those other neighbors don't know. So your marketing message is going to be simply this:

"Hey, this is Jim Remley, over at ABC Real Estate. Hey, did you notice your neighbors have their house for sale? The reason I ask and the reason I call is because they just went pending. They had 10 offers on their house. So we still have several buyers that are circling the neighborhood. Quick, crazy question for you: Would you consider selling to a cash buyer if you had plenty of time to find your next dream home?"

Now that last caveat super important: If you had plenty of time to find your next home. Use that language.

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