The “Why” Tweak That Skyrockets Your Marketing Results


My wife and I had something exciting happen: We downsized! We moved out of our big house into a much smaller house because three outta four of our kids are out of the house and we want to travel some more.

We're like a lot of people in our generation. We're in that mindset of scaling down. But what's interesting is over the years, in our big house, we received a lot of marketing messages from REALTORS and the marketing messages always focused mostly on the agent getting a listing. For instance, the marketing messages would be a postcard, a door hanger, etc. and it would say something like this:

"Are you considering selling? Call me."
"Would you like to know what your home is worth? Call me."
"I have a buyer who may be interested in your home. Call me."

Now, what are all those marketing messages center on? The agent getting your listing. And I get it. I've been guilty of the same thing.

But what if we changed tactics and we focused on the "why." Now, why would I consider selling? Because if I'm not in the mindset of selling almost no amount of money is gonna motivate me to sell my house. I'm just not interested in moving, so it's not gonna be something I even consider.

That's why you gotta speak to the "why" before you can speak to the "how."

So why would somebody move outta my golf course community where my large house was? And the reasons that I could probably identify really quickly is that people are probably a lot like me.

They are going to move because they want to downsize. They're gonna move because they want don't wanna maintain this large home or a pool. Or they don't wanna pay the taxes on this big house. They don't wanna do the maintenance on the big house. They don't wanna deal with the HOA anymore.

That's gonna be their why.

So what if you reframed your marketing around those question marks, you know, would you like to move closer to your kids or grandkids? How do you like your HOA? (In my market and where I live, the HOA is terrible so that would've really hit home for me for a long, long time.) Or have you considered downsizing? Have you considered "rightsizing?"

Those questions would result in a much, much more effective strategy because it's gonna speak to the reasons that people are gonna be motivated to have a conversation with you. So reconsider your marketing, reconsider what you're doing in the neighborhoods and see if it'll change your outcome. I know it will.

I know it will have a great day. Good selling.

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