The Weird Way to Grow Your Business by Having Fun and Making Friends


What if there's one thing you could do that would have a massive impact on your business? And it was something that would feel like it wasn't work? It was almost rejection-proof. And it's something that you could do every single day. Would you like to know what it is?

The answer is networking. And what I mean by networking is going to coffee, dinner, drinks, lunch, breakfast, you name it. Whatever it is where you're meeting one-on-one with someone in your sphere of influence.

There's nothing more powerful than you can do for your business in terms of marketing than that.

Now it's not going to feel like you're doing anything — you're just having fun with somebody who you like to visit with. But by stretching yourself and meeting with more people in your sphere and getting outside your comfort zone, I can promise you the result of this will be referrals.

Now it's not instant gratification. It won't instantly happen. But when you commit yourself to this on a daily basis, what will happen over the next month, two, three months, over the next quarter? At the very least, you're going to see a massive increase in your referrals.


You've elevated relationships from down here to up here, which are friendships. You're down here with a professional relationship up to friendships,

Friends refer friends. Remember that.

And if you want more referrals, you need to have more friends.

So what are you going to do about this? How are you going to approach this?

The first step is just get on the phone or text some friends or acquaintances you have in your sphere. And just say, "Hey, now that restaurants are back open, things are opening up. I'm looking to take some people that I know to coffee, dinner, drinks, lunch — whatever you pick. And just reconnect. If you'd like to get together the next week or so, let me know. Would love to get to love that the opportunity."

Simple, direct. No agenda.

You don't have to talk about real estate. It's just re-elevating relationships.

Now, why is this so important? I'm gonna give you some numbers behind this really quickly.

According to Columbia University, every one of us knows 290 people.

So it's not about your sphere of influence per se. It's not about your database per se. It's about the database behind your database. The database behind every person in your sphere of influence. That is so critical.

If you have 300 people in your database, which is not very many. Many of my coaching students have that. It's not about the 300. It's about the 300 people they know. The 290 that they know. So 300 times 300 means you now have the potential to reach 9,000 people through these relationships. But you have to put in some effort.

Here's the other number behind this, which will make you super excited:

According to the US Census Bureau, 11% of that 290 group will be moving in the next year. Which is 33 people by the way.

Now they're not all homeowners, I give you that, right? But think about that:

Everybody in your sphere of influence knows 290 people. Of that group, 11% (or 33 people) are going to move the next year.

Let's just assume you got 10% of those referrals. You only got 3 out of 33. I think you can do better, but let's assume you only got three. How many of you would just have an absolute crazy exponential increase in your business if you could get three referrals from every person in your sphere?

Let me tell you something: You can! And it starts with networking.

Set a goal right now to have one networking meeting every single day for the next week and see how it goes.

I guarantee you you're going to want to keep extending that and continue doing it week after week after week.

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