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The “Real Estate Concierge” Secret for WOWING Your Clients


Here's a quick question:

Have you offered your concierge services to all of your clients?

First of all, what's your concierge services? That means that you are the point of contact for anything that has anything remotely to do with real estate, for all of your sphere of influence. And your farmer areas. And your social audiences. So in all those categories, I want those people to think of you when they need a plumber, an electrician, a carpet layer, etc. They're thinking about you before they think about anyone else because you're the main point of contact.

Now, how do you insert value so that they actually make that call instead of just Googling it? Well, here is the way you insert value:

First of all, you gotta talk about it and you should say something like this, "Hey, you may not be aware of this, but I want to act as your real estate concierge for anything that you have related to your house. Whether it's landscaping, a new roof, carpet, new cabinets, you name it. If you have anything going on with your house, I want you to call me first because I want to act as your real estate concierge.

And here's all that means:

It means I'm dealing with these vendors every single day of the week in real estate. I'm talking to them, I'm engaging with them. I'm seeing who's good, who's bad, who's great. Which ones gives amazing service, which ones have great pricing. And I'm gonna connect you with who I think will do the very best job at the very best price and really give you five star service.

And because they know I've referred you and they're gonna get more referrals from me over the lifetime that we're working together, they are much more likely to give you the best price and the best service when they know that referral came from me.

I don't get anything out of it. I just wanna be helpful for you. I want you to get that incredible service from my friends that are out there in the marketplace working really, really hard to do a great job for the community.

So listen, if you have something you need done, give me a call and be happy to hook you up."

And let me tell you something, people like a personal referral and they're much, much more likely to send you that business when you have that conversation. So try that technique. I know it'll unlock many more sales for you because now you're gonna be top of mind with your clients much, much more frequently.

Try that and see if it works for you in your market. Have a good day, good selling.

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