The “Q2 Secret” That Takes You To A Whole-Nother-Level Of Real Estate Success


What is Q2?

Well, Q2 is your most valuable asset. And you might not even know it.

Your most valuable asset is your database, your sphere of influence, we know that.

But what's Q2 mean?

Q2 represents the quality and the quantity of your database. So let's look at those two issues and how they can impact your bottom line coming into the new year.

Let's start with the quantity. What does that mean? Well, if we know that for every 10 people in our database, we'll average one closed sale, knowing that quantity makes a big difference. In fact, when I talk to agents on a regular basis, and I ask, how many transactions did you close last year? And they say 10, 12, I'll say, how big is your database? Let me guess. It's probably 80 to 120 am I right? Most people will say, yeah, you're right on the money.


Because your database is a reflection of your performance. Smaller database, smaller performance. Larger database, larger performance. That's just the nature of the beast, right?

So the quantity of the database is going to have an impact on your success. 80% of our business -- no matter what we do -- comes from our sphere.

But what about the quality? So this is us being a good farmer and going through our entire database and weeding people out that aren't sending you referrals, that aren't doing business with you, that don't know who you are when you call them. And that have no connection to you. They really don't know like, and trust you. They don't meet that standard. That's going through and regularly weeding people out.

That makes the quality better, so the people that are in there are better quality people.

But then Q2 also relates to us. How does it relate to us?

Well, Q2 means this:

The quantity of touches that I have all year long.

I used to say, in our coaching world, 15-20 years ago, that we would need to contact people 9 to 12 times a year to remain top of mind, right? To own "mindshare."

Today, that's not even close to enough. We need to be at 20 to 50 touches a year, through a combination of social media, remarketing, email marketing, personal emails, bulk mail, personal phone calls, networking, personal texts, video. There's so many different ways we can communicate with people. And we need to be in touch with people with a lot of quantity — so 20 to 50 times a year, but also the quality of the messaging has to be on point.

In other words, you can't have one message that says one thing and another message that says something else, another message that says something else. And there's no coherence to it. There's no theme running through your branding and your marketing. It's a mishmash just what's ever on your mind every day.

Instead you have a coherent, elegant put-together brand strategy that signals that you know what you're doing. And you can not just market yourself well, but you can market properties well too.

So quality and quantity, as it relates to your database. And quality and quantity, as it relates to you running and managing your database enables you to move up and more your production to a whole-nother-level coming into the new year.

I hope that helps you guys go out there and crush it. Have a great day.

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