The “Charity Secret” For Drowning In Referrals in 2023


My guess is that you're somebody that gives back to the community. Now, you might do it in small, subtle ways that people may not notice. But what if you could give back to charity in a way that helped you, the charity, and also helped your business at the same time?

It's a true win-win situation.

How could you do that?

Well, one of the ways is to pick a charity that you really care about, that you're passionate about, and then secondly, tie that charity to closings in the new year.

So here's an example:

What if you sent out an email, a text, social media post, and you said something like this:

"Hey, in 2023, I've set a goal of selling 30 homes. And I want to help that number of families achieve their real estate goals. But I want to go bigger and also help my favorite charity achieve their goals. So for every closing I have between January and March of this year, I'm gonna donate [fill in the blank: $100, $200, $500] for every closing to this charity. And lemme tell you about the great work that they're doing."

And then you talk about the charity. It's truly a win-win.

Now, let me tell you what happens from this.

First of all, your clients that connect with that charity are gonna love it. They're gonna refer you more often, it's gonna be memorable. They're not gonna forget it. And then eventually you're gonna be handing a check to this charity. That check could be significant. What if it's $500, or $1,000, or $2,000? Now what's gonna happen with the charity group is they're gonna be like, "Hey, that's a pretty cool thing he's doing."

And what do you think is gonna happen with the volunteers and the people that work there?

They're gonna refer people to you because they know if they refer people to you, part of that commission is gonna come back to them in some form or fashion as a charitable donation to this group. It's a true win-win scenario.

Now, you might change it every quarter, so you're reaching a broader and broader group. You know, you can connect with different charities, three or four charities throughout the year.

It's just such a great, simple strategy that gives back to the community.

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