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Strategy: Targeting Existing Homes Around New Construction Sites

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2020

Targeting existing homes near new construction sites as a real estate professional can lead to more listings and more sales. If you have ever lived in a neighborhood near a new construction site it can often be frustrating.

Trucks up and down the street, hammers, drills, and saws starting up at 8:00 AM or earlier. It a word it's a nuisance, and when a homeowner has something that is irritating then about their neighborhood they may be more likely to sell.

Check out this quick video for some tips on targeting existing homes around new construction sites and then try this script in your market:

“Good Morning is this (seller name)? (Pause) this is (your name) over at (company name) how are you today? Listen I know you are probably busy but I have one quick question I noticed driving by your home that you have some new construction happening (across street, next door) how do you feel about those hammers at 8:00AM? I understand – have you ever thought of moving? The reason I ask is that I am working (or my office) with some buyers who love the neighborhood. Would you consider selling for the right price?"


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