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6 Social Media Posts For Every Listing Your Take


Do you use a Social Media Blitz every single time you take a listing?

If your answer is no, you're missing a huge opportunity to create energy and excitement around your listings to capture more buyers and sellers and potentially add more closings and referrals.

Here are six posts you should do for every listing you get:

1. The Coming Soon Post

First thing you do when you take a listing is you record a raw, no edit walkthrough video of the house. This could be an Instagram story, a Facebook story, or both. This shows people you're actually taking listings and that there's a new listing in your market.

Now, in some markets, you may have to adhere to your MLS rules before you start marketing the property — it's usually between 24-72 hours in most markets. But in some markets, you can't do it at all. Hopefully, you can do that quick, raw, no edit video where you're doing the quick walkthrough in your market.

2. Launch it into your social media when it goes live in the MLS.

Now, here's what you don't want to do:

Don't share your listing from your local MLS system. This is a huge mistake I see agents do all the time.

You always want to share from your personal website.


Because if somebody comes to your social media posts and likes your listing, you want them to go to your personal website — not back to the MLS. Because if they don't like that listing, there's nowhere else for them to go. That's why you want to send them back to your branded website. And if they don't like that listing -- which 99% of the time they won't -- then they will start shopping on your website and hopefully contact you.

3. Schedule your open house event (if they're available in your market) as a Facebook event.

You don't just want to post it on your social media feed because very few people actually see your feed (even if you have 2000 friends — Facebook will only show a few hundred people your posts).

That's why you want to create a public Facebook event.

How do you do this?

Go to your Facebook business page, click on events, and create a new event. That way, the whole public can search this and it will pop up in front of them on the weekend you're doing it. Then, you can share it to your personal page and have the seller share the event too.

4. The Live Open House Post

Next, you want to do a live video when you're at your open house. It's a great (and easy) way to get some engagement.

5. Your Pending Post

But you don't just want to do a super boring post saying "just pending." Instead, you want to tell the story of the client and your marketing.

You want to start with the story of your marketing. And you want to say how excited you are for your clients and how you got 10 offers and 25 showings. Then you narrowed it down to the top three. Countered two of them. And got your clients an accepted offer with a backup offer — and they're jumping with joy.

This highlights the power of your marketing machine and how it creates amazing results for your clients.

6. Your Sold Post

This is your last post, where you want to share the story of your clients. You don't want to do the sleepy post at the title company that everyone's seen a million times and nobody cares about. You're still going to feature the client, but you want to tell their story. Here's a quick example:

"John and Martha lived in this house for 32 years. They have sold it and are going to move closer to their grandkids. We had the house on the market for a few days, but because they staged it and got it all dialed in and ready, we were able to get top dollar for them with multiple offers. So we actually sold it for over full price."

Of course, you will want to tag the clients so that they can share with their friends so that everybody can experience this.

And that's your minimum six social media posts you should do with every single listing you take. You can have more, but six is the minimum.

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