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Real Estate Market Alert: Rents Declining, Massive Opportunities for Investors! 🏡💰


For the last three months, rents have been on decline, and that's kind of a shock. We saw rents skyrocket during covid, but now there's pressure coming into the market.

Two things have happened:

First, people are starting to come back into buying houses again, so they're leaving their rental units to buy houses, a small trickle there. Another big part is the fact that 500,000+ new units across the country were built and came online last year, and 400,000+ are coming online this.

So what's the opportunity for us as REALTORS?

Well, one opportunity is to target mom and pop investors in your local market. These are people that might own two to 10 units in your market. They're not major industrial investors, but they'll be impacted by higher vacancy rates and decreasing rents. Some of these folks bought and they stretched themselves to afford it, and if they have a couple of months of vacancy, they could really get hurt.

Still, it's a strong market and there are still investors acquiring units, but if they wait too long, this could become a different situation. So here's a phone call I might make to somebody, especially one that has a vacant unit right now.

Target all those vacancies on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, even ones listed with property managers and say, “Hey, I notice you have a vacancy on Craigslist this morning. The reason I'm calling is to see if the property's still available, but also I wanted to check in and see if you've ever considered selling these units.”

Now, there's going to be one or two answers here, they're going to say yes or no. If they say no, say, “Hey, I totally understand. Well, if you're not interested in selling, can I ask you, would you be interested in acquiring any other new units that hit the market that are a buy? Because I'm talking to a lot of people. Would you like to be updated on anything that I find that might be a good fit for you?”

Another thing you can say when somebody says, no, I'm not interested in selling, is to say, “Well, can I ask why? Is it because of the rate of return you're receiving?” Obviously, this is an investment. Most people will say yes.

Then you could say, “Well, let me ask you, if I could beat your rate of return and I could get you a higher rate of return on a different investment property in our local market, would that be of interest to you?”

Now you're starting a conversation about helping them sell maybe 10 31 into another investment vehicle.

Now, the flip side is they could say, yes, we are interested in selling, and then of course, you come out and do an equity analysis and see how they're sitting. If you're doing that equity analysis, just remember that what properties were selling for six months ago may change going six months forward because of vacancy rates and interest rates. There's a lot of factors in play right now, but guys, this is a growing opportunity.

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