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Investor Script - Lock in Your Upside During the Eviction Moratorium

investors May 27, 2020

The National Multifamily Housing Council, a trade organization representing apartment owners, surveyed 11.4 million apartment units and found that 80.2% of apartment households made full or partial rent payments by May 6.

That number is down slightly from 81.7% on May 6 of last year, but up from 78% on April 6 of this year. This is great news investors - but many are still nervous about eviction moratoriums affecting their market.

Check out this easy script that can unlock opportunities for working with investors in your area:

“How did you do with rent collection last month? There is some goods news I came across today that I thought you might be interested in hearing nationally 80.2% of apartment households made their rent payment by May 6th – last year that number was 81.7% so not to far off. The biggest challenge I am hearing from rental owners is with the eviction moratorium, but buyers are still in the market, and demand is still high. Have you ever thought about locking in your upside on your rental investment by selling?”

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