What do you do with a disloyal client?



What do you do with a disloyal client?

Barbara Brown an amazing principal broker told me a story that can help all of us. It's a story of forgiveness. She had a client that she had worked with for years, be disloyal and list their house with another agent. It hurts but we have all had it happen.

When the holiday season came around, she said to herself - Should I delete these people off my database list and not send them a holiday card or should I keep them on my list?

She struggled with the decision and thought about it for a long time. Finally she decided to take the high road keep and them in her database. She sent them her traditional Holiday Card.

Guess what happened?

Those disloyal clients circled all the way back. Their listing didn't sell and they called Barbara to come list the property. Of course Barbara had to ask the question - Why didn't you call me the first time?

Turns out in their previous transaction with Barbara there had been some little rub around closing costs. They weren't quite clear about why they had to pay something and had felt wronged in that situation. That's why they used a different agent. But they were not successful so remembering how good an agent Barbara had been all, all these years, and the fact she had stayed in contact, not only did they list their property with Barbara, she received another listing referral and a buyer referral from these same disloyal clients! Three sides by taking the high road and understanding that sometimes our clients make bad choices.

We need to be sensitive to the fact that that clients can make a mistake but they may circle back and use us but only if we stay in contact with them! Like Barbara, we should always take the high road.


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