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75% of Homeowners Believe Now Is The Time To Sell — Here’s How To Win Their Listings


Hey guys, a new study from NAR shows that...

75% of homeowners in America believe now is a good time to sell.

By the way, this is way up from where it was last year at the same time when that number was about 45%.

And what's the difference?

Well, one big difference is that we've had a huge run-up in prices. So sellers are starting to say, "Hey, I can see that this could be a good time to sell because prices have gone so high."

We're also seeing the record low 60-year lows on interest rates, which is another reason why home sellers are thinking they should sell and move up to their dream home. So that's a big reason why a lot of homeowners may be considering selling.

But even though they say it's a good time to sell, does that mean they are going to sell?

Yes, they are going to sell!

According to a new study done by Zillow, 1 in 7 homeowners are planning on selling their home in the next three years.

That's a massive number guys!

Imagine driving through your neighborhood tomorrow morning or tonight as you're coming home from work and thinking — of every single home you drive by, 1 in 7 of these folks is going to be on the market in the next three years.

The question is with who? Will it be you or will it be your competitor?

If you don't get out there and start making contact, it will never be you.

So here's my message for you today:

Start farming your own neighborhood. One of the best areas to farm is your neighborhood.

Also make sure you're digging deep into your sphere of influence. Think about your entire database of folks that you know, every one of them knows 290 people. And 1 in 7 of the people that they know are going to be selling their home.

Who are they going to refer those people to? Hopefully it's you.

But it will only be you if you are top of mind and you are consistent in what you're doing out there in the marketplace and showing them that you're the preeminent expert out there in the market.

We've got a lot of great ideas coming for you here at erealestatecoach. But I wanted to share this incredible stat with you and the power of consistency and being in front of your clients.

It's so important right now because we got a tsunami of listings about ready to hit the shores.

You want to be in front of that wave.

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