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4 Ways to Help Small Business Owners During Covid-19

marketing networking Nov 17, 2020

It's likely that you know someone who has had a business close this year. We're seeing this across the country; about 8,000 businesses have already closed in 2020 . With Covid-19 and to online shopping - small business are suffering. Shockingly - 61% of retail purchases this year were done on a mobile device and that number is likely to grow in the coming months.

So what can you do to help people in your database who own a business that are struggling right now? First it's important to understand that we are all small business owners. We are all in this together. When a local business closes - it hurts the owners sure, but it also hurts the suppliers, the building owners, the employees, vendors, and countless other people who rely on small businesses in the community.

Four Ways You Can Help:

1) Endorse them on social media. 

"I'm going to feature a local business every single week on my social media throughout this COVID crisis. I want to make sure that we're supporting local businesses. Would you be okay with that? Can I take a little video with you so you can tell my audience about your store? Maybe you can offer them a discount, a little something to encourage them to become a first-time customer."

Tag the owners in the post and encourage them to share it with their friends.

2) Send them direct referrals.

When you have a new customer that's is new to town, introduce them to the local business community. "Hey, these are some of my friends. They don't know what restaurants to go to. They haven't been in your retail shop before. I want to introduce them. I love shopping here. I want them to love shopping here."

3) Be a sounding board.

Be somebody who can give advice, brainstorm with them, encourage them, and help them understand the power of networking with other business leaders. You could say, "Hey, I'm going to do a little brainstorming session with three or four business owners this week at a coffee shop. Let's get together and share ideas."

4) Be a real estate resource.

Finally, you can be a resource if they do need to liquidate anything. They might need to consolidate, close a second location, sell a rental property, or even relocate. Be someone that can have confidential conversations, be there trusted advisor.

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