The Ugly, Yet Profitable Lead Gen Opportunity Right Under Your Nose


When you drive around your neighborhood or your community, you're gonna see some dilapidated houses. And you know, who else sees those? The city and county.

So what the city and county generally have is a compliance officer that's in charge of enforcing the city and county standards for how homes and properties should be maintained.

Now their standards are probably much lower than our standards, but they have to keep these properties to a certain standard. And if they don't do that, they give the homeowner or the property owner a violation notice. And this violation notice can become sequentially more serious with large fines attached to them.

So why am I bringing this up?

Well, it's a marketing opportunity.

One of the highest concentrations of buyers today is buyers looking for flip opportunities. These dilapidated properties, they can turn around and flip and, and turn a profit on. But there's not very many of them out there.

So think about this as an opportunity in your market. The county and the cities generally will post the violation notices somewhere every month or every week or every two weeks. If you can just figure out where those are posted in your local community, you could then mine that information.

Now, what would be my marketing message? Whether a letter, note, email, call, or text to these folks?

The message would be super simple and super tactful. Here's what it would say:

"Hey, in doing some research, I discovered the city or county, and recently requested that you complete some work on your home. I have another solution which may be easier. Why not sell the property? My office has several cash investors in search of your properties just like yours. Would you be open to a cash offer from an investor?"

Bingo. You are the facilitator. That's a huge opportunity for you to really gain some listings in your marketplace.

Remember it doesn't take a lot to move the needle for most agents. If you add one listing to your inventory every month, this could add 12 listings a year. But you just gotta look for the opportunities. You gotta dig a little bit. Work a little bit harder than the other agents in your community.

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