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The “Rule of 6” Trick for Doubling Your Productivity as a REALTOR


What are the six things that you're gonna get done today?

Now, why do I say six?

The reason is studies show that most working adults can only accomplish six big items a day. Most of the things that they want to get done then are gonna come down to your priority setting. And how good you are at setting true priorities, and how committed you are to getting those priorities done.

So if we think that we're only gonna get six things done in a day, we have to say, how do I prioritize to make sure I get those six things done? Well, the first thing is this understanding when you build your to-do list is prioritizing what's truly important.

Some of us—I've been guilty of this too—create a to-do list that's got 30, 40, and even 50 things on it. It's two or three pages long, and we tend to do the easy things first instead of the important things.

We wanna just scratch off items because we like to see those lines.

But we don't do the hard things that we know are gonna take 2, 3, 4, 5 hours to accomplish because we think we'll just get it done tomorrow, and we'd rather get 10 (unimportant) things done to feel like we've accomplished more than we have.

But the problem is those aren't the true priorities that need to be done. So, I'm gonna give you a challenge today to help you to move the needle and start getting the big things done that you need to do every day.

So first of all, start your to-do list by putting the top six things that you need to get done at the top of your list.

This might mean you write the list twice. So you write everything that needs to be done, then you come back and star the top six that really are gonna move the needle on your business and you rewrite the list with that order in mind.

The second thing I want you to do is to use the BS method.

What is the BS method? The BS method is this:

On the sideI of all your things on your to-do list, put a B or an S. The B stands for, is this related to a buyer? The S is, is this related to a seller?

What I want to do is sensitize myself to what's truly important, what's truly gonna lead to transactions. And the B's and S's are gonna help you recognize what's truly important. Everything else is secondary to those things.

The next thing you want to do is to make sure that you stay on task. So when you start in on the task, you don't stop—unless you get pulled away because of an emergency—until you're done with that task.

In other words, you don't move to number 10 until you're done with number one. And when you get to the end of the day and you haven't finished your complete six—which is normal, because it's difficult—you're gonna move any leftover items to the top of your to-do list for the next day.

But you always want to be working through that six.

Try this for one week and see what happens with your productivity. I guarantee you're gonna have a massive change in your effectiveness very, very quickly.

Last thing I'll say to you is remove distractions. Turn off the things that won't help you get that job done. And stay in the moment and stay completely focused on the task until that project is done.

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