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The “Red Flags” Conversation with Sellers that Increases Your Chances of Selling Their Home


Use this script to have the "Red Flags" conversation with sellers before you list their house, so they value you as an agent (and don't shift the blame onto you):

"As your real estate agent, I want to discuss a crucial conversation with you, Mr. and Mrs. Seller. When we list your house, one of two things can happen. Either A) we have showings, which means the market is accepting our price. People are viewing the property, and this indicates they believe the price is fair.

Or B) we have very few or no showings, it could be an indication that the price is too high. If that's the case, I'll come to you immediately, and we'll have to make a quick adjustment. We don't want to be one of those listings that sit on the market without any action.

But there's also something else that can happen, a second red flag, other than price: We can have a lot of showings, but no one pulls the trigger and makes an offer.

This could indicate that something is wrong with the property itself, preventing buyers from committing. It's my job to get feedback from every buyer's agent that comes to see the property, and ask them about the price, condition, and what eventually made them buy. By doing so, we can quickly identify the root cause of why people are not making offers.

If we find a common theme among buyers, such as issues with the carpet, roof, or landscaping, we'll bring it to your attention, and we can fix the problem or adjust the price accordingly.

It's crucial to understand what's happening with your property, and if we see any red flags waving, we'll take action, giving you the power to make changes and get your property sold.

By having this conversation with you beforehand, it'll make it easier for us to reposition the property if necessary within the first week or two of listing it on the market. If we don't have this conversation now, it could be much harder to discuss the price or condition later on. That's why it's important to set expectations and be proactive."

It works like a charm, and results in your listings selling faster (and you receiving more praise from your sellers). Try it out, and see how it works in your real estate business.

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