The Pocket Listing Strategy for Unlocking Pent-Up Seller Demand


Hey guys, we are still in a low supply market. It's the lowest supply real estate market we've ever seen.

Despite the marketing changes and interest rates rising and the market dynamics kind of influx, still low supply and high demand.

So based on that, how can we go out there and still crush it in the market? How can we thrive despite the market conditions starting to shift under our feet?

One strategy is use the "Pocket Listing Strategy."

It's one of my favorite strategies and it's totally underused. Very few people do it.

Here's the concept:

One in seven homeowners today has raised their hand and said they're interested in selling the next three years. That's 15% of the population.

Drive through any neighborhood, and one of every seven homes you drive by is thinking about selling in the next three years.

There's a massive pent up seller demand, but how do you turn the key to unlock it?

Well, a large group of those people may not be ready to actually put their home quote unquote "on the market."

So what if you send a message out, could be an email message, a direct mail piece, or even a text if you're savvy enough to capture their phone number.

And you just asked them this question:

"Hey, you might not be aware of this. I'm a local REALTOR with ABC Real Estate. And a lot of sellers are hesitant to put their home on the market, because they don't want to go through the "hassle factor" of it.

But a lot of homes that sell don't even make it to MLS. So I was wondering if you have ever thought of about selling your home and you're hesitant about putting your home on the market, how would you feel about me taking a "pocket listing?"

All this means is that you let me know you have some interest in selling. You let me know the price range you'd consider. And then I'll keep it in my back pocket for any of my buyers that may be interested. And if I have an interested party, I'll ask you for a one party listing at that time.

How would that sound?

If you're interested, if that's something that would appeal to you, please reach out to me and gimme a call."

Something along those lines, right? And you might say, why are the world would I do that? Why do I would I want all these pocket listings?

The reason is, I want first crack at these number one. Number two, it's gonna start the relationship.

Remember this is all a relationship building process. I want to take the first step with them to be the agent that they have a relationship with. So when they're ready to pull the trigger–whether now or in the next three years—I'm their agent of choice. And this is the first baby step of getting them there.

Believe me when they start getting on the track of selling, you're gonna quickly accelerate that track.

This is a winner and it absolutely works. Try it out in more market and see what happens for you. I guarantee you're gonna turn in some conversations into listing appointments.

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