The Fun “Behind-The-Scenes” Trick for Standing Out in Your Market


Hey guys, here's a fun idea you're probably not doing now in terms of marketing your listings, which is doing a behind the scenes viewpoint of what you're doing to market listings.

And I what you're thinking: What does that mean? Well, a lot of us that watch television today, we'll see a lot of behind the scenes. Everybody loves to see behind the scenes. Like if you're watching your favorite show, whether it's House of Dragons or The Handmaid's Tale or whatever, at the end of the show, they'll circle back and they'll do behind the scenes interviews and so forth.

And people love it. They eat that up. That's when you bought the dvd—yes, we used to do that—we would get the DVD extras and that's what it would have on there.

You can do the same thing with your listings.

What if you started doing some behind the scenes work? And what do I mean by that?

What if you had you taking some photos or some, some raw videos of your photographer doing photos of your videographer, of your drone person and you say, we're starting the, the drone work today. Or we're doing some videos today. Or we're doing some photography today. Or inputting the listing and having your assistant take a picture of you or videoing you talking about the listing and how excited you are to get the listing on the market. Even sitting with your sellers, taking the listing, doing some work, and having a conversation with them. You can even make videos of the sign going up, the lockbox going down. The landscapers coming in. Document everything involved with prepping the listing home, stagers, and moving some stuff around. There's a million ways to go about this.

These are examples of behind the scenes footage that people really would enjoy. And what could you do with this information?

Now, I put this little montage video together. What am I doing with it?

I can do a lot of things, but what I love is giving people in my inner circle first look, right?

So if I've got a closed Facebook group just for my VIPs, just from my sphere of influence, which all of us should have, put it out there. This is my newest thing here. Some behind the scenes of me taking my next listing. People love that. Super cool.

I could put out to my email newsletter because I put video into my email newsletter because I'm a pro, right?

I could put it onto my closed YouTube channel. Same thing with my closed Facebook channel. And then eventually, when I'm getting really close to the listing launch, I could just straight of put it back on social media and really start promoting listing, and building some anticipation about the listing.

So super fun, super cool, really unique idea that really sets you apart in this market.

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