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Targeting the Urban Flight Buyer + Expired Luxury Listings


Who is the urban flight buyer?

This is a growing group of people that live in major cities but are looking to exit densely populated, metro areas. In many cases they want to escape to a suburb or a more rural market because they don't like being trapped in their house because of Covid-19.

Why do people want to move?

Two key reasons why people are leaving metro markets - they want more space inside their home and then they want more space outside of their home. Behind this is a new ability to actually make the move a reality. Here are four reasons why this dream is coming true for so many people. First jobs are becoming more remote, especially for people that are working in an upper-tier employment role. In addition many school systems around the country have now gone to a virtual classroom. Third we are also seeing record low interest rates. Finally there is the quarantine lifestyle effect. Because of Covid-19 people are much more focused on their homes today because of 'shelter in place' mandates.

A great target market in many metro areas are expired luxury homes. Luxury home owners fit the profile of an Urban Flight buyer because the often have jobs that will allow for working remotely. Inside The Path Performance Coaching Platform at we give you an entire section devoted to targeting expired listings complete with scripts, drip campaigns, letters, and even social media ideas.

Your marketing message should be focused on one word: Relocation

How can you help people relocate from where they're at now to where they want to go? If you're in a Metro market focus on the listing side of the equation. If you're in a rural market it maybe more likely you will be the buyer representative. In either case position yourself in your market as a relocation specialist. Build a web page around relocation, build your marketing around relocation, become a relocation specialist in the market and let people know you're not just a 'Local REALTOR you are a Global REALTOR!' 


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