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Podcast #14 Pursuing Freedom in Business and Life with Erin Bradley

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

During this episode of the podcast I interviewed Erin Bradley. Erin is a speaker and trainer, bestselling author, and host of the real estate podcast Pursuing Freedom.

Erin learned the hard way just how difficult entrepreneurship and success in sales can be. From flat broke to 6 figures, and then to burnout, Erin has been through it all, and quickly discovered that the stress of overwhelm is no less painful than the financial stress of failure. After redesigning her business to support her dream life, she’s been on a mission to teach her fellow real estate professionals to do the same.

During the program we dive deep on these core topics:

  • Live Design vs Business Design
  • Systems and Time Management
  • Focusing on Your Best Skills
  • Building a Team of Rockstars
  • Creating Predictable Growth in Your Business

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