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How to Still Land Multiple Offers as Buyers’ Activity Fades


Hey guys, the market is shifting. If you can feel it in your market, you're not alone. One study that's backing this up is a study that's just been done by It shows that of the top 300 Metro markets in the country, 45 are seeing significant price adjustments happening.

I'll give you a couple examples:

Des Moine, Iowa — 32% of the listings have had a price adjustment

Midland, Texas — 28% of listings have had a price adjustment

Toledo, Ohio — 26% of listings have had a price adjustment

Metairie, Louisiana — 24% of listings have had a price adjustment

Where I live, Portland, Oregon — 20% of listings have had a price adjustment.

So not every market's having this yet. But we're certainly seeing sellers starting to be wise to the fact that buyers aren't just going to pay infinity anymore. There is buyer resistance to pricing. We've seen the largest run-up in pricing. Prices have hit an all-time high. And buyers are starting to put the brakes on.

That's why we're seeing a little bit of activity fade with buyers on the street and the number of offers and number of showings that are occurring. So it's really important when we're sitting with a seller to talk about their peer group and what's happening in your localized market.

Look at all the people you're gonna be competing with when you enter the market. I call that your peer group.

And say:

“Hey, of the eight listings that are most similar to yours, that people would probably look at when they look at your listing, if it looks like four of them had a price adjustment in the last 30 days. Which means they started too high and then they came down.

We don't want to be like one of those guys coming down later on, we want to price a property right. We want to be one of the most competitive so we drive showings, drive offers, and hopefully multiple offers to your home. There's still multiple offers happening, but it's only on those properties that are priced right coming out of the gate. So that’s something for us to take a hard look at.”

Those are the kinds of conversations that we need to be having. And really diving into price as a big part of our value proposition, understanding that we are the experts in price and demonstrating that is super critical in this market.

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