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How to Create 'WOW' Moments in Real Estate | The Secret to Building Referrals and Growing Your Business


Do you have a hospitality mindset?

I heard two stories that really brought this home.

The first story is about a restaurateur in New York City who overheard a group of four customers talking about how they had never had a hotdog in New York City, despite just having a $500 lunch at his high-end restaurant. The owner of the restaurant went to a hotdog vendor across the street, bought four hotdogs, had the chef cut them up and arrange them elegantly on a plate with all the condiments the customers wanted, and had the maitre d' bring it out to the customers. They were amazed, even though they had just eaten a five-star meal.

The second story is about Steve Wynn, who owns the Wynn Casinos in Las Vegas and all over the world. He implemented a process where all managers have a daily brainstorming session before every shift, and one of the things they discuss is positive experiences they've had with guests.

One of the stories that came out of this process was about a bellman who helped an elderly couple with their luggage and overheard them saying they had forgotten their pill bag with the husband's insulin and the wife's heart medication. The bellman got his brother to go to the couple's house an hour away to get the bag from the house cleaner and drove five hours to deliver it to the couple at the casino. The couple were grateful and enjoyed their stay at the casino.

The bellman's actions were an example of exceptional hospitality and going above and beyond for guests.

After hearing that story, I realized that we need to create more "wow" moments in our real estate business too. We need to go above and beyond for our clients and do things they don't expect.

That's how we get referrals and create raving fans.

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