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Using a Mini-Brochure Card to Market Listings & Lead Generate

lead generation marketing Sep 10, 2020


What is a mini brochure card?

These are over-sized business card sized brochures which feature a couple pictures of your listing, a few key bullet points, along with the price and address of the home. On the reverse side of the card is your contact information in the form of a traditional business card.

How do you use a Mini-Brochure Card for marketing and lead generation?

First when you take a listing provide these cards to your sellers as a way for them to provide information about their listing to family and friends. You might say:

"I am providing you with a stack of mini-brochures to provide to family and friends. I like to cover all bases with my marketing. The card has a link to my website so they see the virtual tour and HD photos."

The cards not only market the home, they market you as the listing agent. In addition they could go into a flyer box and be used at open houses. Another use for a mini-brochure is to use them when talking to the neighborhood, for instance you might say:

"I just want to let you know we listed a house in your neighborhood. Here is a mini-brochure card about the home. You might see some increased activity in the neighborhood. We put the listing out to (#) websites the first day it goes live so you might see some additional traffic but if you see anything that concerns you, please reach out to me. I'm always here to answer any real estate questions that you might have."

With this technique, there are a lot of things happening, you are showing off a unique marketing piece, the strength of your company and marketing engine, and you are being a servant by letting the neighborhood know that they might see increased activity.


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