Two Easy Conversation Techniques to Unlock More Sales

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2020

Every transaction you enter into will be the result of a recent conversation that you've had in the last two weeks. Yes, your business is the result of your ability to have conversations on a regular basis. A great rule of thumb is this - for every 30 conversations you have you will average one closed sale.

Two quick techniques that can help you improve your conversation skills - first when you're having conversations get in the habit of asking this question:

"Hey, I'm in real estate so I always have to ask what's your housing situation look like right now?"

And now you're in the conversation. You're in the opportunity.

Almost everybody aspirationally is thinking about making a change at some point, right? Which leads to the second technique, which is even more powerful, which is to always ask this question.

"Hey, I'm in real estate. I always ask people if you could live anywhere in any kind of home, what would that look like for you?"

When they answer the question, you can follow that up and say "I do something for my friends, I set up a dream home search goes out to you every month. It shows all the homes in the market that match what you just told me. Just kind of fun to look at. And of course at any point if you'd like to work with me as a REALTOR or you know anybody that's looking for some help on the real estate side I would love to help."

The goal isn't to necessarily to close people today but to create the opportunity to put them into your database and begin incubating them over the long run. In addition you may find that you do meet "now" clients who are ready to buy or sell a home immediately. Either way it all starts with conversations!


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