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This $25,000 Question Can Revive Your Business


There's a great book by a guy named Harvey Mackay. He wrote the book Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty.

And in the book, he talks about this $25,000 question, and I'm gonna pose this question to you.

So the $25,000 question kind of goes like this:

Imagine you own a muffler shop or some kind of business. And it's payroll week and you don't have the money to pay your employees. And you know, if you don't pay 'em, they're all gonna walk because everybody's trying to hire right now. So the question mark is it's 2:00 AM you wake up in the morning and you're like, I've gotta come up with $25,000 by tomorrow morning. Otherwise I'm probably gonna lose my business. Who do you call? In your friends list, your personal friends list, right now, is there someone you call and get $25,000 from by tomorrow morning?

If the answer's no, the reason you probably don't have anybody that qualifies in that category is because you haven't helped enough people and given to enough people. Not necessarily money, but your time, your energy, your value. You haven't created relationships that have that much depth where people would trust you enough to loan you $25,000.

This is a really powerful testament. And the question mark behind this is:

Can you name three people you've helped significantly in the last year?

I mean really significantly. You've really dove in and helped them.

If the answer is no, again, it's the $25,000 question. If you're not helping people, then why would they help you?

Why would they refer you clients? Why would they refer you buyers? Why would they refer you sellers? You've gotta lead with other people's needs first. The great book, The Go Giver, is such a great example of that.

When we lead with giving, giving, giving, the power of reciprocity will kick in. We don't do giving with that intent, but creates a relationship where it's super strong and people just want to give back to you.

Start thinking about that every day, when you wake up. Not who you can take from, but who can you give to in any area of their life? Doesn't have to be business related. Just who can you give a little something to today?

It could be a little bit of positive energy. If you don't have any money, that's okay. The most valuable thing and you can give to everybody is your time. So just think about that a little bit. Reflect on it. See if you can implement that today. Who can you give back to? And watch what happens over the next week.

Try to make a goal of giving back to someone every single day this week.

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