The Simple 4-1-1-1-1 Strategy For Eliminating Peaks and Valleys in Your Business


If you have a gap in your income right now and you're out of escrows, what's the cause of that?

The cause isn't anything you're doing right now.

It's not the market conditions.

It's not something you just did yesterday or the day before.

It's actually something you've done 90 days ago.

Whenever I do this with my coaching students when they're having a gap in closings, I tell them to look back to 90 days ago.

What were you doing 90 days ago? Let's really look at the calendar and open it up. When we open up that calendar, we'll inevitably see a gap.

Maybe they went on vacation. Maybe they just took a few weeks off because something was going on in their lives and they stopped prospecting 90 days ago. And that's what comes forward like a snake eating an egg. It just travels down the timeline and then boom, it blows up resulting in them having no escrows in the moment.

So how do we eliminate this situation so we don't have gaps in the future?

It's all about consistency. It's about you being consistent and eliminating this thought process that you have to be inspired, or you have to be motivated, or you have to have some kind of epiphany or revelation that today is the day I'm going to go out and prospect. You gotta let go of all that. And you gotta say to yourself, I got to go out there and do the work that I need to do to feed my family everyday, regardless of how I emotionally feel at the moment.

Your emotions have nothing to do with feeding your family. You got to go out there and do your job. Now, if you're employed by an employer, they would tell you what to do every day and I guarantee that they wouldn't care about your emotions.

But we are our own CEOs. We're the president and CEO of our own real estate corporation, a lot of us do own a corporation. And that means that we have to be strong enough to tell ourselves what to do.

I'm going to give you a model for this. A few of you have heard me talk about it before, but it's an important model to follow.

It's called the 4-1-1-1-1 Strategy.

And it's simple. Here's how it works:

1. You're going to do one hour of uninterrupted lead generation every single day. It's a non-negotiable.

2. During that hour, you're going to set a goal to set one appointment with a buyer, a seller, or a sphere member.

You're just trying to set an appointment every single day. And that's easy when you start prospecting regularly. You'll probably even set more than that, but at least one.

3. Because you're setting one appointment a day, you're going to be going on one appointment a day.

So you're going to go out there and meet with somebody every day. Okay?

4. You're going to add at least one person a day to your sphere of influence.

And by doing so, you're going to naturally add as many as 22 transactions a year to your bottom line — just statistically, it's going to happen.

But can you live up to the 4-1-1-1-1 Strategy? Yes, you can and you can remove those gaps so you don't have this kind of up and down, hills and valleys situation in your business.

I hope this helps you. If you want to go out there and start crushing it more frequently and eliminate more of these gaps in your business.

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