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The “Picky Inspection” Secret to Landing High-Quality Referrals (Even in this Market)


What is the picky inspection?

Now, for years we've been in a seller's market. And the last thing we wanted an inspector to do is to come in and kill the deal, right? But today the market is shifting towards buyers. And buyers are starting to gain more and more leverage in the marketplace.

So when I'm counseling my buyers, I might say, "You know, we wanna get an inspection. That's a fair inspection. But I'm kind of leaning towards advising my inspector to be a little bit more picky than they might have been in the past. Let me tell you why:

Because what we're doing when we do an inspection is really looking at health and safety issues and really big structural issues. You know, the roof is going bad, or there's a bad foundation, or something like that. The minor stuff, the things like just noting the age of a water heater and you know that there's a crack in the sidewalk and you know, the basic stuff, the cosmetic stuff is things that we would naturally take on typically as a buyer because we're not buying a brand new house, we're buying a used house. And we know the condition when we walk in. But we're really looking for the health and safety issues.

But the reason I do the picky inspection, where I want the inspector to really note every single thing out there, is because I wanna use that as a tool in our negotiation. I wanna come back and really use that as a hammer in our negotiation. Doesn't mean we're gonna get everything, but I want to really give myself some, some tools to try to get you the best possible deal I can. So if you're cool with that, I'm gonna tell the inspector, be a little bit more picky than normal. We just need to manage your expectations. Understand we only care about health and safety and major structural issues. Everything else is just gravy. Is that cool with you guys?"

Now, who are they gonna look at as being their advocate? Who are they gonna look at to refer their friends and family to? It's gonna be you because you are out there working hard for them and trying to make deals happen.

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