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The HGTV Secret That Unlocks Up To 23% More For Homes You Sell


This is an amazing number:

63% of home buyers that are out shopping today believe that the homes that they're looking at should look like the homes that they see on TV on HGTV and other shows like that.

That is interesting because that's something we've got to educate our sellers about. Because if that's the buyer's expectation, if we don't meet that expectation, we may not get top dollar.

So when we're sitting with sellers, how do we have those conversations? There's another study that might help with that conversation that will actually incentivize them to want to do this.

The new study shows that of 13,000 homes in the country that were studied in 2020 -- a very recent study -- 85% of those got between 6% and 23% more for their home because they were staged compared to the competitors in the neighborhood.

Those are powerful numbers to motivate your sellers. And then we have to define what staging actually means anyway.

So when I'm talking with a seller, for example, I might say:

"So you probably have heard of the term staging. Here's what staging means: It means that every room tells a story. And what we're trying to do is get buyers to build an emotional bond with your house. And because of that, I want to make sure that people can buy into the lifestyle that they would enjoy if they were living here. It's about selling more than just four walls and a roof, I mean, anybody can live in any four walls in a roof. What we're selling is the lifestyle they'll enjoy by living in this specific home. That's my job — to sell that lifestyle, but you can help by helping me with a staging.

And I have a few ideas on staging because I'm showing homes every day. What are some things that can really make your home really shine and stand out? In fact, I also have professional stager if you'd like to tap into their services — they do a phenomenal job, can I show you some photos of some work they've done for other sellers and clients of mine?"

And you just lay it out, give them options, give them opportunities to take advantage of your expertise and the expertise of your team.

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