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The 6-Step System For Capturing 53% Of Your Market


53% of today's clients that you're dealing with in the real estate industry are actually millennials. They represent the largest group of buyers and sellers in our business today.

And here's what's interesting:

Millennials actually trust referrals from family and friends over all other advertising messages. In fact, they're very distrustful of traditional media marketing.

So what do we do with that information? How do we adjust to that information?

Well, one thing we have to understand is that reviews and recommendations are becoming a really important part of our business. Which means we need to be focused intently on getting reviews and recommendations and endorsements online.

So, I want to ask you: do you have a process? Do you have a plan in place for collecting these reviews and recommendations?

Here's an example:

If we take a brand new agent in this industry, but an agent that's aggressive and doing well, and we line them up with an experienced agent, that's maybe 20 years plus in the business, within two to three years, this new agent can outshine the experienced agent. Not because they're necessarily a better agent, but simply because they've out worked them on the reviews and recommendation side.

Imagine this new agent has 50-60 positive reviews. (Don't have to be closings by the way.) While this experienced agent who poo-poos this, and doesn't really do these reviews or recommendations, only has three or four. And they're not that great, right? There may be a three star rating, a four star rating. This ew agent's got a five star rating or a 4.8 star rating and tons of testimonials about satisfied clients.

When people go online to look at these folks, this new agent looks incredible. By the way, if you're a newer agent, you can actually use this to your advantage. But you need to have a process for collecting these reviews and recommendations.

I'm gonna give you a six step process right now:

1. Ask at closing.

Obviously, you need to ask at closing. Now, you might back this up and ask during your process when you're working with a buyer or seller and tell them, "Hey, when we get to the end, if I've done a good job, I'd love to get your recommendation and review because my business is built on word of mouth, like most good businesses."

Then when you get to the closing, you're gonna ask, "Hopefully guys felt like I did a great job. I'd love to work with some more nice people like you guys. I'd love your review. If you wouldn't mind giving me a positive review somewhere."

They're gonna say yes, but they're gonna be overwhelmed at the moment. And they won't think about doing it. The next 24 or 48 hours are gonna be super busy for them. It's like, they're getting married. It's a big life event and they're not gonna be really focused on gaming that review, which means we need five more steps in this process.

2. Follow up with a text link that links where you want them to go.

This makes it easy for them. They don't have to go find where they need to go. You're gonna link them to your Google Business page, Facebook page, Zillow,, wherever you want them to go.

That text link is gonna go out 24 hours after closing. If I still don't get the review 48 hours after closing, move to step 3:

3. Email them another friendly reminder.

You can say, "Hey, just wanna give you a quick email reminder. I know you guys are busy. This is a couple of quick ways you can gimme a great review." Add a couple of links there. You can do more there because you got a little bit more room, so you can put two places in there.

4. Thank them publicly for their endorsement.

Which means capturing the review they gave you (because no one will see it organically). And you're going to push that out on social media, saying, "So excited I got this positive review from my clients." Now everybody's gonna see it.

You can also add it to your listing presentation. You can do a lot of different marketing with this, right?

5. Tag them in your post.

You've already captured and published their review, now you want to thank them specifically for taking the time to review you. And you want to inspire others to review me that maybe have forgotten, right?

6. Add that review to your presentation, drip campaigns, and other marketing as a fresh new review.

Always update your reviews if possible.

There's the six step plan guys.

If you have an assistant, put them on this. If you have a team, put 'em on this. If you're a solo agent, put it in your process so you start doing it.

One of the most important things you can be doing to build your business, your reputation, and your brand.

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