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Podcast #58: How to Master Social Media Featuring the GOAT – Jeff Pfitzer (Host of Lab Coat Agents)

podcast Nov 30, 2023

Jeff Pfitzer has become a Video & Social Media Expert through his execution & results. A real estate & mortgage Leader, Influencer, and Industry Veteran, his focus in the real estate business has evolved into business development through coaching, teaching, and hosting industry events to bring value to the real estate industry with the goal of elevating brands through video & social. This expertise has led to the co-founding of several platforms, including Drunk on Social, Business Video School, and Real Estate Mastery Pros. Jeff is the host of the Lab CoatAgents podcast and co-hosts the Social Genius podcast with Tristan Ahumada. He consults and collaborates with numerous real estate industry companies and was labeled as a top 30 video Influencer across the USA & Canada by BombBomb.

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