Quick Tip: New Marketing Opportunity with Investors


What if I told you that there's a new opportunity in the market and no one's looking at? It's what I call a New Delta. A Delta is a point between two markets statistics which creates a gap, and that gap is opportunity. 

When we look at residential/multifamily properties that are rentals, we can see the market over the past 12-24 months has been relatively stable. Rents have stayed the same. In most areas of the country, they're not going up dramatically and they're not going down dramatically.
Second thing we have going on right now is that the cost of operation is pretty stable. Prices have been relatively stable as well because rents are stable and that makes prices stable.
Cap rates have been averaging across the country, 5, 6, 7%, depending on where you live and where your property is located and that hasn't really changed over the past several months either. 
So what has changed?
Interest rates! Interest rates on income income property might've been 4.5 to 5% a year ago but because interest rates have crashed to such a low level some investors are getting interest rates that are in the 3% range.
That gap between what they were paying last year for money and what they can pay this year for money creates more profit. It increases their cap rate. That Delta spread is a magic spread. It will create a tremendous amount of activity within the investment sector for those agents that understand it, that speak to it, that go out and talk to investors.
For example here is a sample script:
"Hey, if you ever consider buying a rental property or adding to your portfolio, now could be one of the best times in recent history to do just that. You see prices have been pretty stable. Rents have been pretty stable. Costs have been pretty stable for the past year. But what's changed dramatically is interest rates. As interest rates decline, the rate of return on investment properties goes up and it's rising rapidly right now. Very few people have tapped into this. Give me a call, give me a text. Give me a direct message. I'd love to start a conversation about buying your next investment property."
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