How to Fill the Gaps in Your Production

lead generation Aug 20, 2020


If we printed it out every transaction you've done over the last 12 months, you would likely see clusters in your production. This means you would see transactions that are done relatively close together, then a gap, then another set of closings, then a gap, and so on.

Why do we have gaps in production?

The answer is because we have gaps in lead generation. We get busy and we stop lead generating and every single time we say to ourselves, "I've made it. I don't have to lead generate anymore."

I know I've been there. And then we run out of escrows. So we panic and scramble, we quickly begin lead generating, and the cycle continues and continues and continues.

But this approach to your business creates anxiety. It creates stress. It creates turmoil in your business, and it's not a great way to run your business, or live your life.

The good news is we can eliminate those gaps. If we do something really simple and you already know what it is - we need to lead generate every single day. To help I like to apply what I call the 4111 strategy with my one-on-one coaching students.

1) One Hour Uninterrupted Lead Generation Per Day

2) Set One Appointment Per Day with a Buyer, Seller, or Sphere Member

3) Go On One Appointment Per Day with a Buyer, Seller, or Sphere Member

4) Add One Person a Day to my Sphere of Influence

If you follow the 4111 pattern you will quickly begin to unlock your real potential. Wondering what to do during that lead generation hour? Let's connect with a discovery call to talk about how coaching can provide you the answer to that question! 


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