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6 Small, Yet Powerful Ways to Reduce Confusion During Multiple Offer Situations

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2021


We're all dealing with multiple offers on almost every single listing that we take. So how do you approach the presentation of these multiple offers to a seller?

That's a really key consideration because a confused mind says no. So how do you help sellers not get confused?

One of the ways is by helping them simplify the process of reviewing all these offers. I like to encourage my students to use a one-page summary form. The one-page summary form will have some very simple data on the front page. And you can make that the cover page on all the offers.

So what's on the summary form?

Here's what it is:

1. Price

2. Net offer

You want to put what the actual net to the seller is. As you know, sometimes in an offer, people will put some expenses that cost the seller some money. So you want to show the price of their offering, but also the net to the seller or net offer.

3. Show if it's a cash sale or a loan

If it's a loan, what kind of loan is it? Is it an FHA VA, conventional loan?

4. What's their down payment?

This is something we usually don't talk about because we're always focused on the top price. But down payment definitely matters — especially when a low appraisal may be an issue.

5. The earnest money size

6. Contingencies and inspections they're asking for

Pre-approval, proof of funds, escalation clauses, and then any contingencies that are to the seller's benefit as well.

We often think about a contingency as being inspections, but people can also put in appraisal gap contingencies, waiver of inspections, whatever those might look like.

So that's your one page you want to put on top of every offer so you can easily and quickly evaluate each offer and see how they compare to others.

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