4 Quick Steps to Evaluate Your Competitors

marketing Aug 24, 2020


When you look at in the NBA, the NHL, or the NFL, what do great teams do before an important game? They sit down and study the competition. They look at the plays that have been run by their competitors. They look at the defense, the offense, they look at the individual players and how they are going to approach this game.

We need to do the same thing as a corporate athletes.

We need to be looking at our competitors and define how we can compete at a high level. What can we learn from what they're doing? What can we avoid that they're doing wrong? What can we do to get better than we already are?

Once you've identified your top five competitors. Start by reviewing their personal website. Check out their their bio or about me section, study the content, the structure, and the brand elements of how they have written their ad copy. Who is it speaking to? How does it come across? Next look at the photos. Are they using multiple photos throughout the website? Are they using video on their website? How does their search engine look? How does their overall website look and feel? Make notes about what you can improve with your website.

Next look at their social media. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and whatever platforms you believe that they're using. Watch what they're doing and look at how you can use their ideas, not to copy them, but to get better at what you're doing. Are they using stories? Are they using video? Are they using a social media kit? How many followers do they have? How many friends do they have?

Next look at their reviews and recommendations. Check out Google, Facebook, Zillow, REALTOR.com, and Yelp - all the places where people may go to write a review in your market. Ask yourself am I getting reviews and recommendations with the same level of enthusiasm as their clients? What is revealed in the reviews about what clients value in their relationship with your competitor? 

Last look at their listing marketing. Dig into the MLS to look at their current active listings, pendings, and recent solds. Look at the descriptions, how they've written the ad copy, look at the listing photos and videography do they have consistent look and feel to their visuals. How long are their videos? Do they have YouTube channel? Do they use branded and unbranded videos?

Success leaves clues.

Take the time to review your competitors. Become a student of the profession and you will quickly improve your ability to compete at a high level!


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