Your Post Closing Strategy to Stay Top of Mind


50% of clients can't remember their agent's name 6 months after closing.

In order to avoid falling into that group, you need a system of steps to follow after closing that captures people for the long haul. In this video, I'm going to explain four strategies to do this and reveal a simple system you can implement today. It's called the "3-7-30-1 System" and it will make it impossible to be forgotten by your clients.

The 3 stands for Day 3 After Closing.

We already know we should provide a closing gift and ask for reviews and recommendations after closing. That's not what we're talking about today. Instead, we're talking about having a follow-up system that makes it impossible to forget you.

So on Day 3, you want to call or text your clients and say, "Hey, I just want to follow up with you since it's been a few days since we closed. Often my clients find that if things are going to go wrong, they go wrong in the first weeks of ownership. Because of that I'm going to shoot you over a copy of your home warranty information — so if anything happen with appliances, mechanical systems, or plumbing you'll have this information at your fingertips."

When you send that over, it's a value-added follow up. And your clients will appreciate it (even if they don't use the service).

Next call is on Day 7 After Closing.

You want to call or text your clients again and say, "Hey, are you loving the house? Is everything going okay? I just want to check in. By the way, what I find for most of my clients is they start identifying things they want to work on after they've lived in the house to make it more of their own. So if you see things like painting, plumbing, landscaping, electrical, carpet, or anything else that you want to do to the house in the next few months, give me a call because I have a whole list of vendors that would be happy to help you. And I can get you the best pricing, the best services, and make sure you're taken care of properly. So just keep me in mind and think of me as your point of contact for anything real estate related."

Then, your next call is 30 Days After Closing at the one month home anniversary.

Here's what you could say, "Hey, just want to wish you a happy one month home anniversary. Can you believe you've been in the house for a month already?"

And that's it.

The final step to this system is One Year After Closing call. You want to make this call every year after closing. You just want to wish them a happy one year anniversary, happy two year anniversary, happy three anniversary, etc.

Now, how do you get them to look forward to your calls? In each yearly update call, you want to always give them an update on their home value. This is especially powerful if their home value goes up — so make sure you mention that they're building wealth while living in that house. By doing this your clients will think of you as their trusted advisor throughout all of their real estate transactions — whether they want to list, or buy, or refer someone else to you.

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