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4 Keys For Preventing Your Marketing From Going To Waste

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2021


We know there's a wave of listings about to crash on our shores. We know it through studies that have been done recently that show 1 to 10 homeowners are considering selling this year.

63% of those are going to be selling in the next six months.

There's a massive wave of listings about ready to hit. So what are you doing to get prepared for that?

Here are four things that you could do to make sure that when you get to this apex point, all the marketing that you've done, all the social media stuff you've done, all the letters, emails, calls, texts and networking meetings don't go to waste because you blow it at the apex point — you mess up your listing appointment.

You have to be a master in that moment when it's all on the line.

This comes through training and practice — no different than an athlete on a field. If they're trying to throw that football to the end zone, they have practice that maybe a hundred times. Maybe a thousand times. Maybe 10,000 times.

I want you to look at these four areas and ask yourself how much have I really dove in and became the master in these four areas?

1. Mastering your listing presentation.

Do you have an updated visually stunning listing presentation? If you do not, then that's the first step. Second step is learning it cold. Memorize, internalize, and personalize that presentation so you own it. Like you can react to anything in any situation because you know it so cold, right?

2. Build a pre-listing kit.

This is what's sent to the seller -- the homeowner -- before you arrive. By using a pre-listing kit, you're going to be beating 84% of your competition every single time because you're using a preemptive strike that's going to blow them out of the water.

I can't emphasize the importance of a pre-listing kit enough.

3. Customize your CMA.

You're not allowed to come in with one liners out of MLS or some lame MLS-level CMA. You need to go deep with a beautiful, visually stunning CMA.

Now some of you may not be aware that you can get one of those out of It's a part of your REALTOR association dues. And it'll create an amazing CMA for you if you just take the time to go in and customize it. Pick your pages, cause it'll create an 80 page report if you're not careful. But dive in and look at that, it's a great report. Just learn it and understand it.

4. Update your reviews and recommendations.

Remember, before you arrive at the house, you're going to have already been interviewed. You'll be quasi-interviewed.

And how does that happen?

The sellers (or homeowners) Google you. Of course they would. They don't know you. They're going to Google you and check you out.

What comes up is your digital footprint. A lot of that digital footprint consists of Zillow,, Facebook, Google Business, Yelp etc. Look at your reviews and recommendations on those systems and make sure they're up-to-date. Make sure you're going out there and collecting those things.

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