Put Context Into Conversations with 'The Next Step Approach'

aspirational marketing Oct 30, 2020


Here's something to think about as you're coming into contact with your database this week which is the power of - The Next Step.

As you're making contacts, think ahead to the context of your next conversation. This is critical because you want to make contacts in context. If I'm talking to somebody and they mention that they're going to Hawaii, or their wife's having back surgery, or they got a new dog, you want to make those notes in your contact database, your CRM, so the next time you talk to them, you're talking in context about what they just talked to you about a week or two ago.

If you're always focused on what you want to say and you're not acknowledging what's going on in the client's lives, there's not going to be as much resonance, or as much of a connection. Instead you will come across like a typical salesperson. Our goal when making contacts is to elevate our client relationships to friendships.

To apply this technique requires a few things. Number one, you're thinking about it. Number two, you're recording it. And number three, you're flagging for next contact. In other words, as soon as I get done talking to someone, I'm going to put in my calendar when an appropriate and reasonable time would be for me to reach back out and have another conversation. You don't do what you don't schedule!

For more ideas check out this quick video on how you can apply the Next Step technique today with your database!


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