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Pursuing Freedom Podcast Featuring Erin Bradley & Jim Remley

podcast Sep 08, 2020


During this episode of Erin Bradley's Pursuing Freedom Podcast we covered a lot of ground including digging deep into my philosophy for creating raving fans and building a referral based business by leveraging tools and technology

Episode Description: 

In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Jim joins us to share his story and teach us how to create abundance through the simplicity of action

It’s All About Relationships

Before Jim got into the real estate business, he was working at a lumber mill and was going to college full-time. When the opportunity presented itself, he quit everything and jumped into real estate with both feet. It took him a while to accept that he couldn’t achieve the level of success he wanted on his own, so he sought out coaches and mentors, and started building his tribe—that’s when Jim’s career transformed! He listed over 150 properties his second year and devoured every resource he could get his hands on. Since then, his mentality and focus on relationships have not changed. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationship building, and that can be a major blindspot for a lot of leaders in our industry.

Technology is a Powerful Tool

Technology is a powerful tool for growing your real estate business, but it should be a supplemental part of your strategy. It can be used to build relationships if you approach it the right way. However, many of us often overlook the simple, most effective way to leverage technology. Video has a profound impact on people if the content is genuine and authentic, and 94% of agents aren’t currently using it. This is a huge opportunity to get a competitive edge and connect with your prospects in a new and engaging way. No matter what industry you’re in, people make decisions with emotion. Video is much more effective at creating an emotional appeal than anything else technology has to offer.


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