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How McDonald’s Can Help You Become The Hero of Your Clients’ Lives


How can every business owner that you know model McDonald's for building wealth? Well, you might not know this, or maybe you do, but McDonald's makes a lot of money selling hamburgers, but they make more money owning real estate.

Did you know that of the 36,000 McDonald's locations around the world, they own 70% of those locations and the franchisees are paying them rent?

See, they figured out a long time ago that the money is in real estate.

So when you're talking to your business owners that are in your database, friends of yours, family members, people that are your in sphere of influence that own a business, ask them this key question:

"Hey, have you ever thought about buying a piece of real estate and putting your business in that? Or maybe buying the building that you're in? Because one of the best wealth building strategies for retirement eventually for your exit strategy is to sell your business and then rent the building back to the new owner. Have you ever thought about that?"

This is a great conversation to have because every business owner will love to, but then they're gonna put a "but" on it. They'd love to but... then say, they understand the process. They don't know how to get a business loan. They don't know what it would do. They don't have a down payment. There's gonna be a lot of buts there.

And your job is to be the problem solver and figure it out and help them through it. Find a great commercial lender in your market, ideally a local bank or credit union that can finance businesses and business owners that are well established, not just started up right, and help them through the process of maybe using an SBA loan to get that first purchase under their belt. It's way easier than people realize.

Still some challenges, but man, if you can help them to build wealth by buying a building, you will be their hero for life.

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