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How Capturing Mindshare Helps You Crush Zillow and


I've got a question for you:

How do you win against Zillow and in your local market?

And the reason I ask this question is because it's kind of crazy when you think about it: and Zillow come to town, their algorithm takes our listings and uses our listings to get buyers to their websites. Then they take these buyers, they capture the information, then they resell the lead back to us.

It is absolutely bananas and nuts that we allowed this in the industry, but here we are. So how do we win against these behemoths, against these massive algorithms that are running 24/7/365 in our marketplaces?

I'm gonna give you the roadmap right now:

The way you win against an algorithm is you have to win mindshare.

Mindshare, not market share, but mindshare.

What that means is, in your community, when people hear the words real estate, what's the first thing they think about?

Is it Is it Zillow? Or is it your name that flows to the top? We can win against these competitors because we have personal relationships with real people.

People do business with people. And it's gonna be related directly to the size and power of your sphere of influence. But I wanna go deeper at that because we've all talked about sphere of influence.

And I wanna talk about this concept of being hyper-local:

And I want you to ask yourself today, do I consider myself a hyper-local agent? Because this is exactly how you're gonna win.

See and Zillow can't compete at the neighborhood level. They can't keep competing at the door-to-door level. They can't compete on relationships. This is where we win.

So here are some examples of how to become hyper-local in your market:

If I was gonna go to your website today and I looked at it, would it represent the hyper-local market? Would it be a representation of the lifestyle that I would enjoy if I moved to your area? If I look at that website, do I get the sense and the feeling that that's the kind of place I want to be? See, that's where Zillow and can't compete.

Are you reflecting the community events? Are you reflecting the parks and the restaurants and the businesses that are in those communities? Are you showing them off? Are you doing videos? Are you talking about what's happening? Are you digging deeply into the demographics of the area, the school districts? Are you really highlighting the hyper-local aspects of living in that neighborhood on your website?

Here's another question for you:

Are you doing the same thing on your social channels? On your social channels, is it just generic information? Is it just one listing after another, yada, yada, yada?

Or is it hyper-local? Are you talking about the neighborhood and the statistics about this specific neighborhood? Are you talking about the benefits of this particular area in your city? Are you diving deeply and doing a YouTube channel around a specific neighborhood? Are you doing a channel on TikTok around a specific niche in your market?

That's where you win and that's how you're gonna be able to position yourself to own mindshare in your market. Because when people think of you, they're gonna think of you as the hyperlocal agent for your community. Because you're talking locally and you're selling that market.

You're not selling the world like and Zillow. You're selling your specific neighborhoods because you care about your neighborhoods. And you have relationships with the neighborhoods, and you have relationships with the people in the neighborhoods.

I'm gonna give you that challenge to do these things now. Go back, look at all your marketing and ask if it reflects a hyperlocal approach? And when you can say that you are, you will elevate your business.

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