How “Atomic Habits” Create Compounding Success In Your Business


I want to turn you on to a book that was recently recommended to me called "Atomic Habits." If you haven't listened to it, it's a fantastic book by James Clear. And it gives powerful insights on how to build habits and actually get rid of habits that are holding you back.

One of the things that he mentioned in the book, which has really resonated with me is this idea of "being in motion" versus "being in action."

Being in motion means that you are planning, strategizing, and preparing to take action, right? There's a lot of agents that are really good at being in motion — but they never actually move up to being in action.

Being in action means you're actually doing the steps necessary to hit your desired outcome.

Now, the difference here between being in motion versus being in action is that when you're in motion, you're not taking a risk. Which is why so many agents get trapped in this space.

You're not risking rejection. You're not risking failure. You're not risking somebody telling you no. It just feels good to be in a place where you're planning and strategizing rather than being in action, where you're actually taking the risks.

But entrepreneurs, people that are like us that want to create success live in the "risk zone." They're in an "action state" most of the day.

The thing you want to get rid of is being in motion too much. Now, not that you don't want to have some times when you're in motion. But you want to control it, be in the present moment, and think, "Am I in motion or am I in action? And is that where I want to be?"

The more time you spend in action, the closer you'll get to your goals. And the closer you'll get to creating that compound effect in your business — where you have those aggregation of marginal gains we've talked about before.

So hopefully this is a little concept that will help and inspire you to go out there and listen to that book.

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