Using a Pre-Listing Flyer Mailing

Looking for a new strategy to start conversations with homeowners around your new listings - try this amazing technique that starts the conversation before you put a sign up in the neighborhood. This strategy will make your phone ring with more appointments and opportunities!

I picked up a tip from my marketing director, Tiffany Wilkerson. She had a flyer delivered to her mailbox. It came from a tree trimming company. This company was going to do some work in the neighborhood, but before they arrived, they sent a mailing to everybody in the neighborhood announcing that they were going to be coming soon to the area.

I thought it was a brilliant idea.

It said very simply: "Hey, my company's logging crew will be doing tree work near your home in the next week or so. If you have a large tree, multiple trees need to be removed, trimmed or need clearing work done, this would be a great time to save on that project. Please call me now for a free estimate." And then it had a handwritten note on the flyer as well that said "thank you for your time and consideration. Call my cell phone."

Now this "flyer" actually arrived in her mailbox. When you look closely you notice that this piece is a actually a mailing. The paper is card stock so it's not easily fold-able, but when it arrived and it's sitting in her mailbox, it looks like somebody just threw a flyer in her box. If it came in a regular envelope, she might have just tossed it. If it came as a postcard, you might not look at it as much, but because of the way it was delivered, everybody in the neighborhood was talking about it. Neighbors were asking each other "Are you going to do it? We're going to do it. Are you going to do it?"

So how do you apply this to your real estate business?

When you're taking a listing in a neighborhood what if you use that same approach? By sending a Pre-Listing letter and saying "I'm going to be taking a listing in the next few days in your neighborhood. If you have ever considered selling now, would be a great time to talk. I have done some deep research on values, pulled all the comparable sales, and will be implementing my marketing plan to attract buyers to the neighborhood soon. I will be in the area several times over the next few days preparing the listing let me know a good time to stop by and chat."

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