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Jim is an active real estate broker leading a team of 160 active Brokers in Southern Oregon. His team is on track to close $1 Billion dollars over the next 18 months! His mission is curating the best content, tools, scripts, emails, texts, and strategies to help you build a referral based business. 

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For Sale By Owner Mastery Course


According to the latest study by the National Association of REALTORS 92% of For Sale by Owner’s will end up working with a real estate professional! So the question then becomes which agent will they choose? Will it be you or your competition? Learn the secrets to converting FSBO’s appointments into listings and how to have FSBO’s look forward to your follow up with this compete For Sale by Owner Mastery Course.

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Expired Listing Mastery Course

Studies show that two-thirds of expired sellers re-list their home within 30 days and many of them also reduce their price at the same time! Who do they list with? Agents that have mastered the scripts, techniques, and tools to motivate them to take action. Watch and learn how top producers set expired listing appointments, engage sellers with powerful presentation tools, and quickly build their pipeline of new listings. 

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Open House Mastery Course

Did you know that some of the most successful agents in America consider open houses to be their number one lead source? The National Association of REALTOR study of home buyers reveals that 43% of all buyers attend at least one open house before making a buying decision and many of them still need to sell a home. Watch and learn how top agents use open houses to generate as many as five transaction sides!

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Real Estate Business Planning Mastery Course


If you look yourself in the mirror 12 months from now where will you be? Will you look and feel energized and alive in the moment, will your listing inventory reflect a killer lead generation system, will your buyers treat you like a rock star, will your clients be raving fans and referral machines? Watch and learn how top producers use FORCE Goals to begin the process of transformation personally and professionally. Tap into an entire FORCE Goals Blueprint for Success used by some of the highest producing agent in the country! 


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Sphere of Influence Mastery Course


The foundation of your business is the quantity and quality of your database. When you embrace the concept that the key metrics to measure the health of your business are the number of people in your relationship database and the frequency of how often they are sending you referrals (your "A" ratio) you can begin to unlock the true power of building a referral based business. Discover how the highest producing agents manage their database effectively. 

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"Having been a teacher and a university professor myself, I recognize quality teaching and training, and Jim Remley is definitely a born teacher. He demonstrates his thorough knowledge of the material and presents it in a manner that makes it comprehensible to all of his students. He also has a great wit, and his instruction is enjoyable and engaging. I could listen to him all day long! I have learned so much and feel privileged every time I take part in one of Jim’s coaching classes."

Marcy McQuillian

"Jim Remley is an amazing coach and trainer! He presents material in a very organized and easy to follow manner. He engages the audience and moves through his presentation seamlessly and efficiently while taking time to answer questions. When you attend one of Jim’s coaching/training sessions you can feel confident that you will walk away with valuable ideas and tools for your business that you can implement immediately!"

Skye Flora

"I owe my success in real estate to Jim Remley. I have had the distinct privilege of Jim as my mentor for the past five years. He took me on as a brand new agent and trained me. Any time someone asks me about my successful real estate career, I point to Jim. First and foremost Jim is kind, generous, fair, understanding and relatable. But on top of that he is incredibly sharp, knowledgeable and charismatic. He is an excellent teacher, trainer, coach and speaker. He’s a wonderful, down-to-earth presenter while also very funny and engaging. He is by far the best boss I’ve ever had. And I have the honor of calling him my mentor in real estate."

Mandy Martin

"While many RE coaches focus on inspiration and mindset, Jim Remley’s coaching style goes a layer deeper by providing actionable insights that produce results. My first listing came immediately after watching Jim’s “Helping Hand Approach” micro-coaching video for FSBO’s. Highly recommend!"

Brian Druiet

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