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The Open House Mastery Course

What if you could turn every open house into an opportunity to create five transactions? Learn the secrets of how top producers turn every open house into a massive lead generation source.  The Open House Mastery Course includes 4 video lessons paired with 8 instant action downloads including field tested scripts, letters, emails, text messages, and even social media strategies to help you quickly convert open house attendees into buyers, sellers, and closings!

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4 Powerful Video Lessons
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Turn Your Next Open House into a Lead Machine

Did you know that some of the most successful agents in America consider open houses to be their number one lead source? The National Association of REALTOR study of home buyers reveals that 43% of all buyers attend at least one open house before making a buying decision and many of them still need to sell a home. Watch and learn how top agents use open houses to generate as many as five transaction sides.

Instant Action Download:

Open House Canvasing Scripts to Capture More Clients, Take More Listings, and Sell More Real Estate

How to Convert Buyers and Sellers at Your Next Open House Using Easy Questions and Natural Curiosity

The Five Star Listing Strategy: How to Turn Every Listing into Five Transaction Sides

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How to Prepare for an Epic Open House

The real key to creating a successful open house isn’t the open house itself it’s the preparation for the open house.  Preparation should start on Monday morning almost a full week before the open house begins. Watch and learn how to maximize your ROI on every open house you conduct and start capturing more leads and more closings. 

Instant Action Download:

Open House Preparation Checklist to Maximize Attendance, Create More Opportunities, and Convert More Attendees into Clients (Seven Day Countdown)

How to Use the Listing Kickoff (Coming Soon) Strategy to Build Excitement, Create Activity, and Generate Multiple Offers

Provide the CMA Strategy to Capture More Buyer Leads and Close More Sales (Scripts, Emails, Text’s)

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How to Prepare Sellers for an Open House

Sellers must be coached to prepare for an open house. Watch and learn how top producing realtors use the SOLD strategy to coach their clients. The SOLD strategy is a guideline for sellers to have their home Staged, Organized, Landscaped and Depersonalized prior to the first guest arriving.

Instant Action Download:

How to Get Your Home SOLD: Staged, Organized, Landscaped, and Decluttered + Scripts

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Supercharge Results with Open House Follow-Up

Top Producers have learned a secret that most agents don’t have a clue about - it’s the simple fact that 80% of sales leads are never followed up on yet most sales are made after the 5th contact between a salesperson and a prospect.  Watch and learn how to massively outperform the agents in your market by implementing a follow up plan with open house attendees.

Instant Action Download: 

Open House Follow Up Scripts, Texts, and Emails that Generate Massive Results

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E-Book Real Estate Presentations that Make Millions

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E-Book Make Millions
Selling Real Estate

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The Market Value Update Approach to Gain Clients and Add Value to Key Client Relationships

Learn from Current Real Trends Top 500 Broker Jim Remley

Today Jim leads one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Oregon with over $800 million dollars in sales volume a year with just over 160 active Brokers. As a current Real Trends 500 Broker leading one of the real estate firms in the country Jim has one mission - to create abundance through simplicity of action.

Learn About Jim

"Jim is an amazing mentor. I've only met a few people with his experience, dedication and endless energy. And he's always willing to help. I feel very blessed to be working with Jim."

Kenny Taylor

"Jim is a great teacher with innovate ideas. I use his scripts daily.His coaching has taken me and many other agents to the next level of performance. You won’t find another coach with the knowledge and experience he has."

Madi Wolber

"Erealestatecoach has been really awesome for my business! It always gets my day started off right! I love listening or watching all the video content. Jim provides so much valuable information in these videos, it's hard to stop at just one. I find myself implementing things right away for my business from each one. Thank you for all the knowledge and making my job that much more enjoyable!"

Jennifer Eastwood Grostick

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