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Instantly access every mastery course on the platform + exclusive content only for coaching students. Implement game changing lead generation strategies, grow your sphere of influence, improve your presentation skills, build systems, tap into follow up tools, learn time management strategies, and tap into your true potential. This is your time to create the business and life you deserve! 

Accepted Students Receive 14 Days of FREE CoachingIncluding 12 On-Demand Video Lessons, 26 Instant Action Downloads (scripts, forms, texts, letters, social media tools, and more). Plus the Five by Five System to supercharge your sphere of influence, and 4 huge Bonus Items! Explore the new live Monday Momentum Coaching, Live Wednesday Skill Building Sessions, and Live Friday Mastermind Groups! 

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Benefits of Joining the Path Performance Coaching Platform Today

Fast Start On-Demand Video Coaching Lessons

To kick start your membership we instantly unlock twelve video lessons to help set the stage for your transformation. The first series is called (as you might expect) - Transform Your Real Estate Career while the second series is called - Supercharge Your Success Cycle in Real Estate.  Let's go to work today!

Instant Action Downloads to Use in the Field Today

Instant action downloads include scripts, emails, drip campaigns, objection handlers, texts, social media tools, workbooks, excel spreadsheets, forms, and even full presentation materials. Each download is delivered in a PDF and a native format that can be customized like word, excel, and PowerPoint. 

Video Lesson Challenges to Get Fired Up and Motivated

Lesson challenges are designed to help you implement the strategies and techniques offered in each course and inspire you to move past roadblocks and previous ceilings you may have imposed on yourself. The goal is to build momentum in your business with consistent progress. 

Webinars & Podcasts

Get exclusive access to a library of recorded webinar's featuring topics that will add value to your business. Each webinar provides scripts, tools, and techniques designed to help you take your business to the next level and grow your profitability. 

Interviews with Top Agents

Benefit from exclusive interviews with some of the top producing agents in the country. Learn how superstars approach the business, how they market themselves, talk to clients, manage their sphere of influence, and lead generate. Don't miss these interviews! 

Recorded Live Events

Included in the weekly coaching are recorded live events that cover topics ranging from lead generation to listing presentations, time management, to team building and much more. Watch and learn as Jim interacts with students, fields questions, and challenges students!  

The Five by Five System for Connecting to Your Sphere

The best way to build a profitable real estate business is to engage your database daily. But how do you do that without sounding like a salesperson? The Five by Five System will make the process easy! Easy to use scripts you can apply to multiple communication channels including phone calls, emails, texts, social media, and personal notes.  

Live Coaching Every Monday Morning

As a member of the Path Performance Coaching platform you will have exclusive access to our Monday Morning Power Hour sessions. These are live coaching events conducted on our closed Facebook Group only for Path Members. Get fired up about the week, learn new strategies and techniques, and tap into the latest trends and technology! 

Exclusive Access to a Closed Facebook Group

When you surround yourself with eagles don't be surprised how far you can fly! As a member of the Path Performance Coaching Platform you will receive access to a members only closed Facebook group. Watch for interviews, info graphics, webinars, pod-casts, and live coaching events while networking with other top performers. 

Live Wednesday Skill Building Workshops

Dive into areas of your business that can enhance and improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability during our Wednesday Workshop Series. These classes explore technology platforms, systems, tools, forms, and techniques that can help you provide higher level service to both buyers and sellers. This is your time to work "on" your business!

Live Friday Mastermind Group Conversations

Learn from some of the brightest minds in the real estate industry as they share their best strategies for building profitability, lead generation strategies, team building, follow up, online marketing, presentation techniques, systems, and much more. Take years off your learning curve by learning from the masters in the real estate industry!

Oh, did we mention every Mastery Course is included with your Path Membership!

Once your complimentary coaching trial has ended all the mastery courses are unlocked!

Business to Business Lead-Gen Mastery Course (Included)

What if.....What if you could 10X your residential real estate business simply by networking with local business owners in your community? You can! Best of all it's nearly rejection proof. During this fast paced course you will be provided with the tools, techniques, and strategies to unlock a a consistent stream of high quality buyer and seller referrals. The most successful agents are always the ones that have the ability to network, connect, and help others with their goals and dreams!  

4 Video Lessons + 9 Instant Action Downloads

For Sale By Owner Mastery Course (Included)

According to the latest study by the National Association of REALTORS 92% of For Sale by Owner’s will end up working with a real estate professional! So the question then becomes which agent will they choose? Will it be you or your competition? Learn the secrets to converting FSBO’s appointments into listings and how to have FSBO’s look forward to your follow up with this compete For Sale by Owner Mastery Course. 

8 Video Lessons + 14 Instant Action Downloads

Expired Listing Mastery Course (Included)

Studies show that two-thirds of expired sellers re-list their home within 30 days and many of them also reduce their price at the same time! Who do they list with? Agents that have mastered the scripts, techniques, and tools to motivate them to take action. Watch and learn how top producers set expired listing appointments, engage sellers with powerful presentation tools, and quickly build their pipeline of new listings. 

8 Video Lessons + 12 Instant Action Downloads

Open House Mastery Course (Included)

Did you know that some of the most successful agents in America consider open houses to be their number one lead source? The National Association of REALTOR study of home buyers reveals that 43% of all buyers attend at least one open house before making a buying decision and many of them still need to sell a home. Watch and learn how top agents use open houses to generate as many as five transaction sides!

4 Video Lessons + 8 Instant Action Downloads

Real Estate Business Planning Mastery Course (Included)

If you look yourself in the mirror 12 months from now where will you be? Will you look and feel energized and alive in the moment, will your listing inventory reflect a killer lead generation system, will your buyers treat you like a rock star, will your clients be raving fans and referral machines? Watch and learn how top producers use FORCE Goals to begin the process of transformation personally and professionally. Tap into an entire FORCE Goals Blueprint for Success used by some of the highest producing agent in the country! 

5 Video Lessons + 9 Instant Action Downloads

Sphere of Influence Mastery Course (Included)

The foundation of your business is the quantity and quality of your database. When you embrace the concept that the key metrics to measure the health of your business are the number of people in your relationship database and the frequency of how often they are sending you referrals (your "A" ratio) you can begin to unlock the true power of building a referral based business. Discover how the highest producing agents manage their database effectively. 

4 Video Lessons + 12 Instant Action Downloads

Hot Zone Lead Generation Course (Included) 

Consider what would happen if you packed your marketing dollars around trigger events to create marketing campaigns that are small, fast, targeted, and specific. Trigger events can range from geographic triggers like just listed, just sold, open houses, or recent showings in a neighborhood to demographic triggers like recent marriages, new babies, retirement, estate planning, relocation or online activities. 

4 Video Lessons + 10 Instant Action Downloads 

Investor and Builder Lead Generation Course (Included)

Would you like to work with serial clients - Investors and Builders who don't just do one transaction but do multiple transactions each year? Consider what would happen to your real estate business if you were able to tap into investors and builders who value your services and are excited to buy and sell real estate on regular basis. By taking this course you will learn the scripts, strategies, and techniques to make contact and build relationships with builders and investors. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and build a predictable pipeline of new transactions. 

4 Video Lessons + 8 Instant Action Downloads 

Plus Exclusive Mastery Courses Only Available to Path Students

Brokerage Level Coaching for Owners and Managers who are passionate about their Firm

The Path Performance Brokerage Level Coaching for Owners and Managers provides high level strategic and actionable ideas for company leadership that focuses on recruiting, retention, office culture, technology, branding, tools, systems, and day to day operations.

In addition every agent at the firm receives their own access to The Path Performance Coaching for agents (details below). 

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Video Coaching Sampler

Using any mobile device you can access the power of training anywhere at any time. Take advantage of actionable ideas based on thousands of interviews with top producers from across the country.

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FREE Trial Includes: 8 Video Lessons + 17 Instant Action Downloads + 4 Bonus Items When You Start Today

Bonus # 1

Lead Generation Secrets of Top Producers - 90 Minute Seminar 

Watch as Jim leads his own team through 90 minutes of powerful lead generation strategies including hot zone farming, expired listings, For-Sale-By-Owners, relocation, investor marketing and much more. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see Jim coaching his own superstars to build their business! 

Bonus #2
10 Cold Texting Scripts for FSBOs & Expired Listings

52% of sellers today are first time home sellers. These sellers are most likely millennial's. Their #1 method of communication - texting! 

Bonus # 3
Make Millions Selling
Real Estate

Discover how Jim moved from being a college drop out to becoming listed in the top 1% of agents nationwide by focusing on listings and building raving fans!

Bonus #4
Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions

Learn the secrets of becoming a master presenter by modeling top producers. Never lose a listing or a buyer by mastering the art of presentation. 

"Jim speaks from the heart, provides practical real world steps, and challenges me to get out of my own way. Jim’s light hearted approach challenges me to fully ‘show up’ with confidence and be the best at whatever I choose to devote myself to. Jim is a skilled facilitator, a thoughtful listener and a straight shooter that wants the best for his team, his clients, his friends."

James Colburn

"Jim Remley is an amazing coach and trainer! He presents material in a very organized and easy to follow manner. He engages the audience and moves through his presentation seamlessly and efficiently while taking time to answer questions. When you attend one of Jim’s coaching/training sessions you can feel confident that you will walk away with valuable ideas and tools for your business that you can implement immediately!"

Skye Flora

"Jim is a great teacher with innovate ideas. I use his scripts daily.His coaching has taken me and many other agents to the next level of performance. You won’t find another coach with the knowledge and experience he has."

Madi Wobler

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