What is your #1 Challenge as a Real Estate Company Leader?

Being a great Broker isn't enough anymore. You have to master four skills to take your organization to the next level - recruiting, retention, culture building, and productivity coaching. 

The Path Performance Coaching Platform is a proven system that can propel your Brokerage to new heights. This exclusive program is packed with cutting-edge strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent, building an amazing company culture, helping your agents grow productivity, and most importantly allowing your company to grow to its full potential.



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Leadership & Brokerage Coaching

Attention brokerage owners, team leaders, and office leaders! Are you eager to boost your recruitment efforts, retain top-notch agents, and drive greater profitability? Look no further! Our exclusive program offers you two power-packed monthly sessions, each lasting one hour, where we delve deep into the key areas that drive success in your brokerage.

In these sessions, we will explore crucial topics such as recruiting, retention, culture building, training, support, marketing, technology, and profitability. Our core curriculum is designed to equip you with the latest strategies and insights, but what sets us apart is the unlimited time we dedicate to addressing your burning questions and fostering an environment for the free exchange of ideas. 

Network with Brokerage Owners, Office Leaders, and Team Leaders

Imagine attending these dynamic sessions alongside a group of like-minded office leaders who understand the challenges you face and are eager to share their own experiences. It's a powerful community where you can find support, encouragement, and valuable connections.

And here's the best part: these group sessions occur twice a month, ensuring a consistent focus on accountability and growth for you and your team. Plus, you have the freedom to invite guests such as staff, sales managers, and ownership teams, so they too can benefit from this transformative experience.




Never Miss a Session, Stay on the Cutting Edge of the Best Practices in the Industry... 

Worried about missing out on any valuable content? Don't be! Every session will be recorded, allowing you to revisit the material at your convenience, and detailed notes will be provided to ensure you never miss a beat.

Join us now and unlock the potential within your brokerage. Together, we will help you recruit and retain exceptional agents, foster a thriving culture, embrace cutting-edge technology, and drive profitability like never before. Don't miss this opportunity for growth and success!


Testimonials from Brokers Owners 

Tommy Kim 

As a broker owner of a small Real Estate office it's been challenging to grow the company. Signing up with Jim Remley and eRealEstateCoach has been the best decision we have made last year! eRealEstateCouch provides library of training videos, actionable strategies, customized marketing post and so much more. Not to mention the private facebook group offered provides up to date content, multiple times a week with specific and action steps to implement for me and our Real Estate Agents. Jim also provides one on one coaching for Agents/Team Leads/Broker Owners, which is the best training that I know. Production of our brokerage has grown over 300% in last 12 months and I can't wait to see what our future holds.
Appreciate you Jim, for always helping us raise our game and being the true professional and Leader to me and our team!

Antonio Cousin

I've been in the Realtor business since 2010 and have seen some highs and lows. However, people are now starting to see my success, but I've been putting in the work for YEARS! I didn't really hit my stride until 2020. So that's 10 years of grunt work.
What changed? In November 2019, I started to treat it as a business instead of a hobby and invested in hiring a coach. It was the scariest decision at that time to commit to paying that sum of money. #BestDecisionEver
These two decisions have paid a return on investment that's not even measurable. I'm now running a full oiled machine with no assistant or staff. (Not saying I don't need it because I could actually use the help). The brokerage is coming along nicely as well. We currently boast 18 beautiful souls ready to help get you to the finish line in your real estate endeavors. Don't worry though because there's more on the way!
Sometime's you have to get out of your comfort zone and invest in yourself. You will never know what could happen unless you pull the trigger.

Eric Hamm

I own Next Door Real Estate, a real estate brokerage in Merced, CA. About a year ago I began looking for a training platform and coaching for myself and my office. I dug deep. I listened to every podcast featuring national sales trainers (Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, etc.). I visited every website.
In the course of my search, I heard Jim Remley speak. His style was perfect and his knowledge and actionable content was impressive.
After all of my months of due diligence, I was certain that eRealEstateCoach.com and Jim Remley was what I needed to move the needle. I signed up for personal coaching with Jim and signed my entire team up for eRealEstateCoach.com.
My agents love Jim and eRealEstateCoach.com. In fact, I've recruited 2 new agents in the past month who came over to my office because they heard the training is so good!
Hiring Jim and signing up with eRealEstateCoach.com might be the best money I've ever spent. 

When you join our brokerage coaching platform, every agent at your firm will tap into our training and coaching resources.

These benefits include:

  1. 20 Weeks of On-Demand Lead Generation Coaching: Access our extensive coaching program, offering daily guidance for 20 weeks, empowering your agents with proven lead generation strategies.

  2. Extensive Downloads Library: Gain access to a vast collection of resources, including scripts, texts, emails, drip campaigns, checklists, systems, forms, and more, all designed to enhance your agents' productivity and success.

  3. Marketing Assets: Stay at the forefront of real estate marketing with new social media and digital assets delivered to your team on a weekly basis, ensuring you have the latest tools and strategies to effectively reach your target audience.

  4. Live Monday Coaching: Kickstart your week with our live Monday coaching sessions, where we deliver the biggest and brightest ideas in the industry. Gain invaluable insights and stay ahead of the curve.

  5. Live Wednesday Coaching: Join our tech and marketing experts every Wednesday as they dive into the hottest real estate tech and trends. Discover innovative tools and strategies that will give your agents a competitive edge.

  6. Live Friday Coaching: Tap into our live podcast series, where we interview some of the biggest names in the real estate industry. Learn from the best and gain inspiration from their success stories.

At eRealEstateCoach.com, we are committed to helping you and your team thrive. Productive agents become raving fans helping you attract the top talent in the industry. 

Lead Generation Boot Camp

The key to running a successful real estate business is lead generation. The Path Performance Coaching program provides 20 Weeks (every day for 20 weeks) of intensive lead generation coaching. Hundreds of ideas, concepts, and strategies are covered in-depth in the program. 

A small sample of what is covered:

  • Sphere of Influence Marketing¬†
  • Social Media Marketing and Strategies¬†
  • For Sale by Owners
  • Demographics Farming
  • Geographic Farming¬†
  • Absentee Owners
  • Land Owners
  • Feeder Markets
  • Business to Business Marketing¬†
  • Investor Marketing
  • Relocation Marketing¬†
  • Builder Marketing¬†
  • Key Momement Marketing
  • Open House Marketing¬†
  • Expired Listing
  • For Rent By Owners
  • Pre-Foreclosure Marketing¬†
  • Text Based Marketing¬†
  • Email Marketing
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Drip Campaigns
  • and much, much more!¬†

The Bonus Package 


Digital Market Assets Delivered Weekly 

Our team has partnered with Reinhart Design Firm to provide amazing digital assets for you to use in your real estate business. From social media posts, to flyers, postcards, thank you cards, seasonal marketing elements, and more! You are about to look like the Rockstar you are!  


Accountability Tracking Technology 

Match your daily activity to your goals with automation driven technology. Never question when or what you should be doing again! Our partnership with sisu.co provides you with a daily dashboard to track your daily actions against your goal set. 

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