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92% of For Sale By Owners will work with a REALTOR. Who do they work with? The agents that have mastered the scripts, tools, and systems for building a connection and stayed with them through the process. 

The For Sale By Owner Mastery Course Includes 8 Video Lessons + 14 Instant Action Downloads

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Sphere of Influence Mastery Course

Are you running a referral based business?

In a recent study conducted by Real Trends it was found that 69% of recent buyers and sellers found their agent from a “trusted” referral.  Which agents receive these referrals? The agents that consistently stay top of mind through consistent communication with their sphere of influence, the agents that deliver value to their sphere of influence, and the agents that ask for referrals from their sphere of influence.  

The top agents and brokers in the industry and in your market benefit from a predictable pipeline of new buyers and seller. Just like the best doctors, the best attorneys, and the best CPA’s in your market they aren’t knocking on doors or buying leads instead their business is a reflection of the quality and quantity of their database. They understand the power of running a referral based business.

Here is What's Included:

How to Leverage Your Sphere of Influence To Quickly Build Your Real Estate Business

The foundation of your business is the quantity and quality of your database. During this lesson Jim will explore building (or rebuilding) your database using permission-based marketing. Permission based marketing will set the stage for the people that already know, like, and trust you to begin benefiting from consistent value-added communication from you.

Instant Action Downloads Included with Lesson:

60 Ways to Quickly Build a Sphere of Influence Database Over the Next 7 Days Using Permission Based Marketing

How to Quickly Build Your “A” Ratio and Use it to Measure Your Database Referral Performance 

How to Instantly Begin Adding More People to Your Sphere of Influence & Grow Your Bottom Line

To grow your profitability you must grow the number of people that are actively sending you referrals and recommending your services. During this lesson Jim will provide a simple 4 Step Process for adding new people to your sphere of influence every single working day including 8 Scripts to Instantly begin adding your Sphere of Influence.

Instant Action Downloads Included with Lesson:

8 Scripts to Instantly Begin Adding People to Your Sphere of Influence During Any Conversation + Sphere Intake Data Sheet

How to Master the Art of Conversation by Using the FORD Technique to Build Relationships, Referrals, and Clients for Life

How to Actively Manage Your Sphere of Influence

When is the last time you effectively communicated with your sphere of influence? To move from the background to the foreground of your clients mind you must actively manage your sphere of influence. During this lesson Jim’s explains how to move from being a transactional agent to a relational agent by creating raving fans that send you referrals. Learn to use the scripts, techniques, and tools used by superstars to create a predictable pipeline of referrals. 

Instant Action Downloads:

10 Amazing Thank You Messages to Inspire Real Estate Referrals, Build Relationships, and Show Gratitude

15 Scripts to Network Like a Real Estate Superstar

Data Mining: 50 Data Points to Gather from Every Sphere Member to Build a Better Database

How to Sort & Organize Your Real Estate Database to Begin Generating Daily Referrals

How to Train Your Sphere of Influence to Be Your Own Personal Sales Force

Did you know your best salespeople are you current customers? Watch and learn how to turn your sphere of influence members into your own personal sales force by using client training and long-term conditioning to keep you "top of mind".  Unlock the door to an avalanche of client referrals by learning how to ask for referrals before, during, and after a transaction.

Instant Action Downloads:

10 Killer Scripts to Use Every Day to Ask for Real Estate Referrals

Five Simple Steps to Host Your First Real Estate Client Appreciation Event and Create an Unforgettable Client Experience 

How to Create a “VIP” Program to Supercharge Real Estate Referrals and Overcome ‘Referral Resistance’ in your Database 

How to use the Power of Your ‘Celebrity’ Endorsement to Help Local Business Owners and Generate Massive Referrals

Bonus # 1 - Webinar

How to Host a Client Appreciation Event

Do you remember the last sales call you received? How about the last email? The last sales letter? Our clients are in the same boat and studies show that every one of our clients is also in 9 other agents sphere's of influence. Experiential marketing can unlock the door to more referrals, better client relationships, and clients who remember you! One way to do this is with an amazing Client Appreciation Party that your clients will be talking about for months or years later! 

Bonus # 2 - Live Class

Tapping Into Your Greatest Asset

In a recent Real Trends study it was found that 69% of buyers and sellers found their agent from a "trusted referral." When you reflect on where your sales came from last year in most cases the vast majority will have come from someone that you already knew or someone that was referred to you. Savvy agents understand that their database is a core asset, in fact, it's their single best asset. Watch this live class as Jim presents to a group of superstars.

Bonus # 3- E-Book

Real Estate Presentations Make Millions

Get your copy of this best selling book and sharpen your presentation skills -Amazon:  This book gives real estate professionals the tools and advice they need to create and deliver the kind of powerful presentations that win important listings and show off property to greatest effect. A great presentation often makes the difference when it comes to gaining a client or closing a sale. This is an essential book for anyone serious about their real estate career.

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Jim is a great teacher with innovate ideas. I use his scripts daily.His coaching has taken me and many other agents to the next level of performance. You won’t find another coach with the knowledge and experience he has.

Madeline Wolber